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Althaus Classic Herbs - Pyra Pack

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Althaus Classic Herbs - Pyra PackAlthaus Classic Herbs - Pyra PackAlthaus Classic Herbs

The classic herbs peppermint, stinging nettle and sage are combined with chamomile and marigold flowers and are topped off with aniseed and fennel seeds.

Ingredients:  Peppermint, sweet blackberry leaves, chamomile, spearmint, stinging nettles, sage, rose hip, aniseed, fennel, elderflower, cornflower, safflower, marigold flower, rose petals


15 pyramid tea bags x 2.25 g = 33.75 g
Note: Available stock is nearing the best before date of April 2022. Due to the nature of the packaging, it will be safe to consume past this date, however you may notice a reduced flavour profile. 


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