Ascaso Brew Head Conversion Kit

Ascaso Conversion Kit - Grinds to Pods

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Ascaso Conversion Kit - Grinds to PodsAscaso Conversion Kit - Pods to Grinds

Do you have a DREAM?  Perhaps a STEEL SERIES  machine or just a BASIC?  If you are looking to convert the head on your Ascaso Coffee machine to extract the perfect coffee for your preferred coffee medium then check out the kits if you haven't already.

The Ascaso Brew Head Adapter Kits modify the brew head on the Ascaso Dream, Basic, Arc or UNO Special Edition models.

These kits have the ability to work with the 57mm, but will not work if the brew head is designed for POD use only and the pod basket is fixed to the machine.

Kits are also available for the 58mm models of Ascaso Machine. 



or 6 weekly payments of $13.33