Wacaco Cuppamoka

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Wacaco CuppamokaWacaco Cuppamoka with drip kettleWacaco Cuppamoka - Add coffee groundsWacaco Cuppamoka - Slowly pour over water from a drip kettleWacaco Cuppamoka - Remove drip system once brewing completeWacaco Cuppamoka - Enjoy!

Cuppamoka by Wacaco is the perfect solution for beautifully smooth pour-over coffee on the go. Compact & lightweight, the Cuppamoka weighs in at just over 300g and is designed to fit into most car cupholders. 

The Cuppamoka utilises cone paper filters to extract a perfectly clean brew every time. Once you've finished brewing, the isothermal stainless steel mug is capable of keeping your coffee hot for hours, so you can sip throughout the morning from the leakproof drinking lid. 

300ml capacity

The Cuppamoka is fully compatible with the Octaroma Thermo Lungo Mug. Grab yourself an extra mug to make coffee for yourself & a friend before heading out for your day trip!

Fits most 1-2 cup cone shaped filter papers.

- Isothermal stainless steel mug 300ml
- Resting pad for the drip system to keep your table clean once brewing is complete
- 10 paper filters
- Grounds scoop
- Instruction book 

Note: Hot water must be used with this product. The Cuppamoka is not able to heat the water. 


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