d'Ancap Mimi Cup

d'Ancap Mimi Cup White 185ml

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d'Ancap Mimi Cup White 185mld'Ancap Mimi 185ml Yellow Chess

Here is the creation by Maurizio Duranti that is so surprising it will leave you astounded. The Mimi is a cappuccino cup (185ml) is VERY different, but absolutely stunning to hold and drink from.  The Mimi would be fantastic to serve dessert in too.

The cups are the d'Ancap bar standard of hard porcelain and fired at high temperature (1410 degree C) - like all d'Ancap cups, and the porcelain features an exceptional bright white. After the application of the design and colours the cups are fired again so that they are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Made in Italy, at d'Ancap's factory in Sommacampagna near Verona.

These sets are available in cappuccino/flat white size only (185ml). 






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