Wacaco Pipamoka

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Brew and drink from a single device with the Pipamoka all-in-one nomadic coffee maker.

Its patented construction, paired with its innovative twisting mechanism, generates vacuum pressure inside the mug. The coffee is brewed directly into the insulated thermal mug where it will stay hot for 3-4 hours. 

Pipamoka's new coffee-making method makes a clean, full-flavored cup of coffee in about two minutes. Pipamoka uses a permanent micro-filter mesh (no need paper filters so you will save a few bucks and limit your waste) in order to let the precious natural oils present in the ground pass into the cup, contributing to richer flavors.

Brew ratio is similar to standard drip or infusion methods, close to 1:15 (1 g of coffee ground for 15 mL of water).

We recommend using a medium to medium-coarse grind for optimal brewing performance.


73mm x 182mm
Brews up to 236ml (8 fl. oz)
Ground capacity 16g
Hand wash only

Please note the Pipamoka does not heat water. 


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