Sunhouse Turmeric Masala Chai

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Sunhouse Turmeric Masala Chai Honey blend is made from only certified organic whole spices, organic Assam Tea Leaves, ginger root, turmeric granules and blended with organic Wilderness Honey from the top of the South Island.

We now also offer Sunhouse Chai blended with organic coconut syrup. This option is vegan friendly and delicious.

Simply add a heaped tablespoon of sticky chai mix to your brew pot, steep chai mix in 1/4 cup of hot water to release the flavours. Add hot milk of your liking to your steeping tea. Stir gently. Let flavours brew for 4 minutes. Pour through a strainer into your favourite cup.

Sunhouse Chai brings a touch of warmth to your daily ritual and a dash of sunshine to your cup.

Sunhouse Chai is also delicious on those hot summer days! Iced Chai brewing instructions are on the label.

Brew, Sip and Enjoy

Note: Current stock of the Vegan Blend is discounted as it has a best before date of 26 May 2022. Please consider this before purchasing as discounted stock is non-refundable.



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