JetDrinks: Iceccino & Menga

JetDrinks was founded in 2001 by Dmitri Peters and Jelle Schmidt. They started in an attic in Amsterdam with only one goal: to get the Netherlands acquainted with delicious, innovative drinks like smoothies (an unknown concept in the Netherlands until then), so they started with importing an American smoothie.

Soon afterward JetDrinks developed its own smoothie concept called 'Menga'. This smoothie is made from 100% fruit with no additives. Then they developed a biological smoothie and variants of iced coffee, one of which is the 'Iceccino. 

We are proud to bring to be importing into New Zealand two of JetDrinks biggest products:  Menga and Iceccino


Iceccino - the frozen coffee drink

Iceccino Iced Coffee

This has got to be one of the nicest & easiest to prepare iced coffees ever!