Stocking Stuffers

Gift ideas under $50 that are perfect for stocking stuffers!

Joe Frex Grinder Brush

Joe Frex Grinder Brush

The perfect tool to keep your espresso coffee grinder clean.


Soma Glass Water Bottle on desk

Soma Glass Water Bottle

A stylish, practical water bottle that has the added benefit of supporting charity. 470ml


Rockingham Tea Strainer with Drip Basket

Rockingham Tea Strainer

Stainless steel tea strainer with included drip basket.


Teapot Mesh Infuser with Drip Tray

Rockingham Teapot Mesh Infuser

The cutest single cup tea infuser on the market.


Rockingham Tea Tongs

Rockingham Tea Tongs

The perfect gift for the tea drinker in your life.


Milk Pitcher Keyring
Joe Frex Tamper Keyring

Joe Frex Tamper Keyring

For the coffee lover that already has it all!


Costa Nova Grespresso Range

Costa Nova Espresso Cups

Fine stoneware espresso cups by Costa Nova. Made in Portugal.


Icon Chef Filter with Carafe

Icon Chef Reusable Mesh Filter

An eco-friendly and reusable coffee filter to fit 2-4 cup pour overs.


Zero Japan Matcha Bowl - White

Zero Japan Matcha Bowl

A beautiful hand made ceramic Matcha bowl from Zero Japan.


Mug Hug

Mug Hug Silicone Lid

A flexible lid that fits on your favourite mugs.


Light Hot Chocolate - 220g

Urban Blends Cacao Hot Chocolate

A smooth, balanced hot chocolate. Available in light or dark, in 2 sizes.

From $15.00

Joe Frex Measuring Shot Glass

Joe Frex Measuring Shot Glass

Espresso Shot measuring glass.


Slam Dripper with Coffee

Joe Frex Slam Dripper

A slam dunk for basketball fans who also enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.


Zero Japan Tumbler - Pink

Zero Japan Tumbler

Hand crafted ceramic tumbler, made for the perfect pour. Can be used for hot or cold. 340ml


Rooibush Strawberry Cream - Deli Pack

Althaus Rooibush Strawberry Cream Herbal Tea

Deli Pack 20 Tea Bags. A divine rooibush blend with flavours of sweet strawberry & fresh cream.


Ascaso Tamper Keyring

Ascaso Tamper Keyring

The perfect gift for the coffee Aficionado!


HuskeeCup - available in 6oz, 8oz, or 12oz in Natural or Charcoal


From Husk to Cup - the ethical way to keep your coffee hotter for longer. Available in 3 sizes.

From $23.00

Hario V60 Wooden Scoop 12g

Hario Wooden Measure Scoop

Measure your coffee with ease. 12g scoop.


Althaus Paper Tea Filters - Pack of 100

Althaus Tea Filters

Compostable Paper Tea Filters. 100 in a box.


Barista & Co Coffee Bag Clips 3pce Set

Barista & Co Metal Coffee Bag Clip - 3pc

Tidy your coffee away and with these cool clips!


Barista & Co Scoop Measure Spoon

Barista & Co Scoop

With a unique 'scoop' shape and long handle to make life easier! Available in 3 colours.


Althaus Wild Berries Fruit Tea - Deli Pack

Althaus Wild Berries Fruit Tea

Deli Pack 20 Tea Bags. This fruit tea combines the full power of red berries with pleasantly sour hibiscus.


Althaus Bavarian Mint Tea - Deli Pack

Althaus Bavarian Mint Tea

Deli Pack 20 Tea Bags. Refreshing minty aroma with a slightly sweet taste.


Althaus Jasmin Ting Yuan Green Tea - Deli Pack

Althaus Jasmin Ting Yuan Green Tea

Deli Pack 20 Tea Bags. A fragrant green tea flavoured with the aroma of fresh jasmine blossoms.


Althaus Royal Earl Grey Tea - Deli Pack

Althaus Royal Earl Grey

Deli Pack 20 Tea Bags. A strong Ceylon-China black tea blend with the full citric flavour of bergamot.


Bodum New Yo-Yo Tea Strainer - Stainless Steel
Able Brewing Metal Disk Filter for Aeropress

Aeropress Stainless Steel Filter

A Metal Filter for Aeropress by Able Brewing.


Joe Frex Tamping Mat Flat

Joe Frex Tamping Mat Flat

A classic tamping mat made from food-safe silicone.


Urban Blends Cacao White Chocolate 500g

Urban Blends Cacao White Chocolate

Available in 210g jar or 500g bag. With hints of caramel and vanilla, this authentic white chocolate from Urban Blends is well balanced & not too sweet.

From $15.00

Urban Blends Raw Spiced Chai 150g

Urban Blends Vegan Spice Chai

A must for spice lovers, and lovers of Chai. Previously called Raw Spiced Chai.

From $15.00

Urban Blends - Matcha Latte 500g

Urban Blends Matcha Green Tea Latte

The Matcha Green Tea Drink we have been waiting for. Available in 150g jar or 500g bag.

From $19.00

Urban Blends - Beetroot Latte in a coffee cup

Urban Blends Pink Beetroot Latte

A smooth velvety mix of coconut sugar, beetroot powder and Sri Lankan spices. Available in a 150g jar or a 500g resealable bag.

From $15.00

Zero Japan Mug 200ml - Tenmoku Black

Zero Japan Mug

Hand crafted ceramic mug by Zero Japan. Available in 2 sizes and various colours.

From $14.95

Primo Betty Cannister - Medium

Primo Betty Coffee Cannister

Looking for the perfect way to store your coffee or tea? The Betty has it covered!


Organic Balsamic Vinegar Gino Toschi 250ml

Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ' Gino Toschi'

An organic Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. 3 Diamonds, 250ml.


Urban Blends - Turmeric Latte served in a coffee cup

Urban Blends Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte - the hottest new drink on the market!

From $15.00

Espresso Measuring Glass 30/60ml

Espresso Measuring Glass 30/60ml

Take the guess work out of your espresso by accurately measuring your shot!


Aeropress Micro-Filters - 350 pack

Aeropress Paper Filters

350 paper micro filters for the mighty AeroPress coffee maker.


Grinder Cleaning Brush

Ascaso Grinder Brush

Clean up those messy grinds in a flash with this wee gem!


Ascaso Coffee Measuring Spoon - Inox

Ascaso Measuring Spoon

The perfect sized spoon to scoop your coffee.

From $2.95

Bodum Bistro Tea Egg Infuser (glass not included)

Bodum Bistro Tea Egg

The BODUM® Bistro Tea Egg infuser is not only super easy to use but it's just as easy to keep clean. This is the perfect way to enjoy tea brewed from tea leaves.


Rockingham Mug Range

Rockingham Cafe Mugs

Italian Styled Mugs made of hard wearing commercial grade Porcelain. All in the funky bright colours Rockingham is reknown for. 380ml


How To Make Really Good Coffee Book

How to Make Really Good Coffee Book

A definitive book on how to make really good coffee, whether it's espresso, plunger, or filter.


Ascaso Lapel Pin

Ascaso Coffee Bean Lapel Pin

The perfect gift for the coffee aficionado!