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Coffee has been around since Adam was a cowboy or, to be more precise and as legend has it, since an Ethiopian shepherd observed his herd of goats ‘dancing and frolicking in an unusual manner’ after eating the berries from shrubs which turned out to be Coffee Arabica.  The Coffee Company Ltd hasn't been around quite that long, but we have been floating around the NZ coffee scene for more than 15 years now!

Here at The Coffee Company, located in sunny Nelson, we thought it about time that New Zealanders could use and enjoy a website for all things coffee: from beans to machines, and all the in betweens. We started from small beginnings and with your help, intend to grow into a site where coffee lovers can keep up to date with new products, innovations, and much more.

Browse our online shop for some great coffee products, including coffee machines, coffee beans, coffee pods, coffee capsules and a huge range of coffee accessories. Enjoy your look around, be sure to come back soon as there will be new things happening all the time.

You can now find us based in our shop at 130 Hardy Street, stocking a wide variety of accessories and coffee related products. If you can't find what you are looking for, let us know and see if we can't find it for you.

The shelves are stocked with a huge range of our consumable products from Molinari's coffee beans, ESE coffee pods and Nespresso(R) compatible capsules, to our new Taste Italia section which includes some of our favourites from Toschi.  The immensely popular NZ range of Chai, Turmeric, Matcha and much more from Cafe King and Urban Blends is also showcased.

And let's not forget the amazing array of accessories to inspire your coffee and tea making at home, or if it's commercial you are interested in come and see us in the office and we can talk to you about the right solution for your office, cafe, bar or restaurant.


Meet our small but dynamic team....

James Graham, The Coffee Company, Nelson New Zealand

James Graham

James has been around the coffee and hospitality industry for around 10 years.  

In mid 2020 James took over as Director of The Coffee Company. With the change of ownership, James has brought in Jacqui to bring some new and fresh ideas to The Coffee Company.

Predominately James deals with wholesale customers and suppliers. He is on the road meeting our clients and bringing new customers The Coffee Company experience that we have become known and appreciated for.

In October 2017 he had the opportunity to visit our Italian suppliers with Iain and cement the passion for European products.  

For any wholesale needs or equipment advice, give James a call.

Contact James on (03) 548 5656, mob 027 452 6374 or email on

Iain Graham, The Coffee Company, Nelson, New Zealand

Iain Graham

Iain comes from a horticultural background having owned and operated several orchards around the Nelson district until 2003.

He has almost 20 years experience within the coffee industry and a passion to bring great coffee related products to New Zealand. Iain is the person to talk to regarding technical, warranty and servicing issues.

Contact Iain on (03) 548 5656, mob 027 2449 704, or email on

Jacqui Allison, The Coffee Company, Nelson New Zealand

Jacqui Allison

Jacqui hails from a Hospitality background with experience in hotel reception, administration & all things customer service. 

She is the newest member to the team, having joined us in July 2020 as our General Manager. While Jacqui has not worked in the industry before, she is an avid coffee drinker with a keen interest in everything caffeinated. Day to day, Jacqui looks after our administration/accounts, website and social media, as well as assisting in wholesale & keeping our shop on Hardy Street in top shape.

Contact Jacqui on (03) 548 5656 or email

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