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Caffe Molinari Cinque Stelle 250g

Caffe Molinari Cinque Stelle 250g

Dated stock sale! A coffee blend that is smooth & sweet with a pleasant acidity.


Queens Couture Jupiter Mugs

Queens Couture Jupiter Mugs

Fine China mugs by Queens Couture. 310ml


Queens Couture - Butterflies

Queens Couture Squash Mugs

Fine China mugs by Queens Couture. 400ml


Ulster Weaver Mugs - Darjeeling Yellow

Ulster Weaver Straight Sided Mugs

Classic straight sided mugs available in 3 designs.


Queens Earth Mugs - Full Range

Queens Earth Mugs

Fine Bone China mugs in a range of designs. 340ml

From $14.50$12.50

Lotta Mug - Yellow

Lotta Mugs

Fine china mugs. Multiple colours available. 350ml


Zero Japan Tumbler - Pink

Zero Japan Tumbler

Hand crafted ceramic tumbler, made for the perfect pour. Can be used for hot or cold. 340ml


Bialetti Mug 250ml - Lichtenstein

Bialetti Lichtenstein Mug

These porcelain mugs holds 250ml of delicious coffee and are available in 2 great designs.


Bruer Cold Drip System - Red

Bruer Cold Drip System

The Cold Bruer is designed to give you the smoothest full flavoured coffee you can make. Visually appealing, smooth and silky. Available in Red or Grey.


Queens Couture Crush Mugs

Queens Couture Crush Mugs

These popular mugs come in a range of exotic bird patterns, making a funky and bold statement. 500ml


Cleaner Caps Nespresso Compatible


Finally a Nespresso capsule machine cleaning kit!


Caffe Molinari Cherie - Macchiato

Caffe Molinari Cherie Cup & Saucers

Glass coffee cups & saucers. Available in 3 sizes.


Iceccino - the frozen coffee drink

Iceccino Iced Coffee

This has got to be one of the nicest & easiest to prepare iced coffees ever!


d'Ancap Torino Cappuccino/Tea 160ml

d'Ancap Torino Cup and Saucer

A classic cup with a twist. Available in a two sizes to suit your drinking needs.

From $10.50$5.25

Cafelat Royal Tamper Red

Cafelat Royal Tamper

A stainless steel based tamper. So-called because of the "crown" on the top, the Royal is our premium tamper featuring a combination of different materials.


Cafelat Tamping Mat Splat - Brown

Cafelat Tamping Mat Splat

Corner tamp mat with a difference!


Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox - Red

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox

New Zealand's favourite knockbox. All it is, is a plastic tub and a bar! No nuts or bolts or anything. Check out the pricing on the large Brown box - overstocked and clearing out!!

From $78.50$65.00