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AeroPress coffee maker (product image on white background)


The Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker is an incredibly easy and fast way to brew a great cup of coffee.


Aeropress Micro-Filters - 350 pack

AeroPress Paper Filters

350 paper micro filters for the mighty AeroPress coffee maker.


Aeropress Replacement Filter Cap

AeroPress Replacement Filter Cap

A replacement filter cap for use with the AeroPress and AeroPress Go.


Replacement silicone seal for AeroPress coffee maker

AeroPress Replacement Seal

Genuine replacement seal for the AeroPress & AeroPress GO


AeroPress Stainless Steel fine mesh reusable filter

AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter

Richer coffee is just one press away with the Aeropress reusable metal coffee filter. Reusable, sustainable and 100% made in the USA.


Ascaso Lapel Pin

Ascaso Coffee Bean Lapel Pin

The perfect gift for the coffee aficionado!


Ascaso Double Non-Pressurised Basket

Ascaso Double Non-Pressurised Filter Basket

Suits the Dream, Arc, Basic, Elipse, & Uno Special models.


Ascaso Head Seal - Versatile

Ascaso Head Seal - Versatile

This o-ring is the gasket for Ascaso Espresso Machines that have pod capabilities.


Ascaso Single Non-Pressurised Filter Basket

Ascaso Single Non-Pressurised Filter Basket

Suits the Dream, Arc, Basic, Elipse, & Uno Steel models.


Ascaso Steam Wand Silicone Seal

Ascaso Steam Wand Seal

The small Silicone seal for the steam wand on most Ascaso Coffee Machines.


Ascaso Tamper Keyring

Ascaso Tamper Keyring

The perfect gift for the coffee Aficionado!


Barista & Co Cocoa Stencils

Barista & Co Cocoa Stencils

Bring a smile to someone's face with a fun cocoa or cinnamon stencil.


Barista & Co Core Coffee Press - Steel

Barista & Co Core Coffee Press

The classic coffee press, sustainably made. Both press & packaging are 100% plastic-free. Available in 3 colours.


Barista & Co Core Milk Jug - Rose Gold

Barista & Co Core Milk Jugs

Absolutely stunning milk jugs, perfect for home, from the Barista & Co range.


Barista & Co Scoop - Steel

Barista & Co Scoop

With a unique 'scoop' shape and long handle to make life easier! Available in 3 colours.


The Coffee Company Barista Accessory Kit

Barista Accessory Pack

A handy pack with 3 gadgets to help you make a perfect espresso.


Wacaco Barista Towel

Barista Towel

A perfect size towel for taking care of your Nanopresso or Minipresso on the go.


Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

Compact, affordable and imported direct from Italy. Bezzera is one of the oldest and most respected names in espresso.


Bezzera BZ10 Head Seal

71.2x55x8.1 mm O-Ring NBR90


Bialetti Brikka Induction

Bialetti Brikka Induction

For extra strong coffee on an induction stove.


Bialetti Brikka 4 Cup - New

Bialetti Brikka Stovetop Espresso Maker

For a rich and intense espresso. Available in 2 or 4 cup.


Bialetti Dolce&Gabbana Moka Express 2 Cup Golden Stirrers Set

An exquisite set for coffee and design aficionados


Bialetti Dolce&Gabbana Moka Express 3 Cup

Two Made in Italy icons together, to celebrate the ritual of Italian coffee.


Bialetti Dolce&Gabbana Moka Express 3 Cup Coffee & Tin Set

A truly special gift for coffee enthusiasts


Bialetti Dolce&Gabbana Moka Express 6 Cup

Two Made in Italy icons together, to celebrate the ritual of Italian coffee.


Bialetti Glass Storage Jar

Bialetti Glass Coffee Jar

A specialised coffee jar designed to prevent waste while filling your Bialetti Moka funnel.


Bialetti Induction Plate - Small 13cm

Bialetti Induction Plate

Love your old Moka pot but can't use it on induction? Here is your answer!


Bialetti Kitty Black Moka Stovetop

Bialetti Kitty Induction Stovetop

Stainless Steel Induction Stovetop. Available in 3 sizes.


Bialetti Mini Express - Red

Bialetti Mini Express

Stovetop espresso brewed directly into your cups.


Bialetti Mini Express Art Series - 3 Designs Available

Bialetti Mini Express Art Series

Brew strong espresso perfect for 2 people. Designs inspired by artists.


Bialetti Mini Express stovetop coffee maker in black. Cups not included

Bialetti Mini Express Black

A Bialetti classic, just add your own cups!


Bialetti Mini Express Induction

Bialetti Mini Express Induction

A rich, authentic espresso for 2, now induction compatible.


Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Maker

A stovetop espresso maker featuring Bialetti’s distinctive 8-sided design for optimal performance. Available in a range of sizes.


Bialetti Moka Express Italia

Bialetti Moka Express Italia

All the things you love about Bialetti's Moka Express, with some extra added Italian charm.


Bialetti Moka Induction Bi-Layer Red and Black

Bialetti Moka Induction Bi-Layer Stovetop

A bi-layer base of aluminium & stainless steel allows for even heating and use on all cooktops - induction included! Available in 2 colours and 3 sizes.


Bialetti Moka Ltd Ed 90th Anniversary 3 Cup stovetop espresso maker with whimsical doodle art

Bialetti Moka Ltd Ed 90th Anniversary 3 Cup

2023 marks the 90th Anniversary of Bialetti, a celebration of nine decades of excellence and innovation in the world of coffee culture


Bialetti Replacement Funnel

Replacement aluminium funnel suitable for Bialetti aluminium stovetops.


Bialetti Moka Induction Bi-Layer Funnel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Moka Induction Bi-Layer

Replacement funnels suited for the Bialetti Moka Induction Bi-Layer Stovetop.


Bialetti Replacement Funnel -Stainless Steel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Stainless Steel

Replacement stainless steel funnel suitable for Bialetti stovetops.


Bialetti Seal & Filter Pack - New

Bialetti Seal and Filter Pack - Aluminium Version

Suitable for Bialetti Aluminium Stovetops.


Bialetti Seal & Filter Pack - Stainless Steel

Bialetti Seal and Filter Pack - Stainless Steel Version

Suitable for Bialetti Stainless Steel Stovetops.


Bialetti Tutto Crema 8cm - New

Bialetti Tuttocrema

Bialetti’s Tuttocrema distinguishes itself on the market as the only milk frother that can be placed directly on your stovetop for heating. Available in 2 practical sizes.


New Style - Bialetti Venus

Bialetti Venus Coffee Maker

Bialetti combines beauty, elegance and function in this stylish stainless steel stovetop espresso maker. Can be used on induction.


Black 285ml Takeaway Cup

Black Takeaway Paper Cup

A generic double walled paper takeaway cup available with a fitted lid (sold separately) and in 2 sizes.


Blind Filter for back flushing 57mm

Blind Filter 57mm

This stainless steel blind filter for back flushing will fit most domestic coffee machines with a 57mm group head.


Blind filter for back flushing 58mm

Blind Filter 58mm

This stainless steel blind filter for back flushing will fit most commercial and semi-domestic coffee machines with a 58mm group head.


Bodum Bistro Tea Egg Infuser (glass not included)

Bodum Bistro Tea Egg

The BODUM® Bistro Tea Egg infuser is not only super easy to use but it's just as easy to keep clean. This is the perfect way to enjoy tea brewed from tea leaves.


Bodum Brazil French Press

Bodum Brazil French Press

An affordable french press with heat resistant, borosilicate glass beaker and a polypropylene handle and base. Available in 2 sizes.


Double Walled Glass 350ml

Bodum Double Walled Glasses - Set of Two

Award-winning tumblers that keep your drinks hot & your hands cool.


Bodum Spare Mesh

Bodum Replacement Coffee Plunger Mesh

Made of 18/10 Stainless steel. Sizes to Fit all Bodum 3, 4, 8 and 12 cup French Press/Plunger coffee makers.


Bodum Replacement Cross Plate

Bodum Replacement Cross Plate

3 sizes available.


Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother - White

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother

A handheld, battery-operated milk frother.


Bodum Spare Glass - 1.5L

Bodum Spare Glass

Replacement glass beaker with spout in various sizes.


Bodum Titlis Double Walled Glasses - 2 Pack

Bodum Titlis Double Walled Glasses - Set of Two

Double walled glasses with a unique stackable design.


Cafe Ke Irish Cream ESE Coffee Pods

Cafe Ke Irish Cream ESE Coffee Pods

A 7g flavoured coffee pod designed for use in all ESE coffee pod systems. Available in a box of 25.STOCK IS DATED


Cafe King Premium Hot Chocolate

A rich, dark hot chocolate powder that's gluten free & vegan friendly.


Cafe King Traditional Spice Chai

Cafe King's flagship blend of 5 natural spices.


Cafe King Vanilla Chai

A milder blend than the Traditional & Vegan Spice with smooth vanilla overtones.


Cafe King Vegan Spice Chai

A dairy free re-blend of Cafe King's flagship Chai powder.


Cafelat Cleaning Brush Refills

Cafelat Cleaning Brush Refills

The Cafelat cleaning brush has a hard life cleaning up and around the group, so it is natural that the wire brushes would eventually become worn or bent out of shape. So Cafelat have come up with a box of 3 pairs of replaceable wire bristles.


Cafelat Pillar Tamper Orange

Cafelat Pillar Tamper

It not only looks funky but has a really great feel in the hand and the vertical ridges provide an easy grip.


Cafelat Royal Tamper Red

Cafelat Royal Tamper

A stainless steel based tamper. So-called because of the "crown" on the top, the Royal is our premium tamper featuring a combination of different materials.


Cafelat Tamping Mat Splat - Brown

Cafelat Tamping Mat Splat

Corner tamp mat with a difference! Available in brown or black


Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox - Red

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox

New Zealand's favourite knockbox. All it is, is a plastic tub and a bar! No nuts or bolts or anything. Check out the pricing on the large Brown box - overstocked and clearing out!!


Cafelat Replacement Bar for Tubbi Knockbox

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox Replacement Bar

A new replacement bar in 2 sizes for the Tubbi (small or large) and the Cafelat Knockbox (now discontinued).


Cafelat XT Tamper with Mirror Finish

Cafelat XT Tamper

A precision built tamper designed to be adjustable to suit the hand size of the Barista. 58mm.


Cafemaster Chocolate Powder 1kg

A great tasting, fast dissolving chocolate powder for your vending machine.


Cafetto Brew Clean 500g

Cafetto Brew Clean

Powdered cleaner for coffee brew baskets, servers, air pots and coffee pots, such as the Moccamaster.


Espresso Clean Flatlay

Cafetto Espresso Clean

Espresso Machine Cleaner


Cafetto Evo Flatlay

Cafetto Evo Organic Coffee Cleaner

Espresso Machine Cleaner certified for organic use. Phosphate & chlorine free.


Cafetto GC2

A 100% natural cleaner for your grinder. Contains gluten.


Cafetto Inverso Milk Jug Cleaner 750g

Cafetto Inverso Milk Jug Cleaner

Inverso removes dried milk residue from stainless steel milk jugs, pitchers and steam wands.


Cafetto J25 Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning tablets suitable for Jura & Krups automatic coffee machines


Cafetto Milk Frother Brush Set

A brush set to clean a broad range of milk frothers. It includes 3 different size brushes and a steam tip cleaning wand.



Cafetto Milk Frother Cleaner - MFC Green

Designed to remove milk residues from milk lines, frothers and parts on automatic espresso machines.


Cafetto Milk Line Cleaner 1L

Cafetto Milk Line Cleaner

Espresso Machine Auto Milk Line Cleaner


Cafetto Renew Descaler

Espresso machine descaler certified for use in organic systems.


Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tabs

Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning tablets to suit automatic espresso machines such as Breville, De Longhi & Saeco.


Cafessi Steam Tip Brush Set

Cafetto Steam Tip Brush Set

Four brush set for cleaning the steam wand on your machine.


Caffe Molinari 100% Arabica Coffee Capsules

A coffee capsule compatible with Nespresso(R) machines.


Caffe Molinari Bio Organic 100% Arabica Coffee Pods

Caffe Molinari Bio Organic Fairtrade ESE Coffee Pods

An Organic Fairtrade blend of 100% arabica beans in a 7g ESE coffee pod.


Caffe Molinari Latte Glass 370ml

Caffe Molinari Caffe Latte Glass

Caffe Latte glass with the 'Molinari' Logo. 370ml.


Caffe Molinari Cherie - Macchiato

Caffe Molinari Cherie Cup & Saucers

Glass coffee cups & saucers. Available in 3 sizes.


3kg Tin

Caffe Molinari Cinque Stelle Coffee Beans

Five Star Caffe Molinari Coffee Beans


Cioco Delice

Caffe Molinari Cioco Delice Hot Chocolate

An extra rich Italian Hot Chocolate in a 1kg tin. Is just one cup enough?


Caffe Molinari Decaf Beans 500g

Caffe Molinari Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated coffee beans for those wanting great taste without the caffeine.


Caffe Molinari L'Espresso Decaffeninato Coffee Pods

Caffe Molinari Decaf ESE Coffee Pods

A 7gm coffee pod designed for use in all ESE coffee pod systems. Available in a box of 18.


Caffe Molinari ESE Sample Box

Caffe Molinari ESE Coffee Pods - mixed box

A 7gm coffee pod designed for use in all ESE coffee pod systems. A mixed selection available in either 20, 50 or 150.


Guatemala Pods

Caffe Molinari Guatemala ESE Coffee Pods

A 7g coffee pod designed for use in all ESE coffee pod systems. Available in a box of 20 or 100.


Caffe Molinari ESE Coffee Pod 7g - India 100

Caffe Molinari India ESE Coffee Pods

Looking for Java? India is the new Java, now in a new package of 100.


Kenia Pods

Caffe Molinari Kenya ESE Coffee Pods

A 7g coffee pod designed for use in all ESE coffee pod systems. Available in a box of 20 or 100.


Caffe Molinari Oro 1kg Coffee Beans

Caffe Molinari Oro Coffee Beans

A perfect mixture of the best coffees gives this blend an unmistakable body, creaminess and aroma, for those who are used to the best.


Caffe Molinari Oro Coffee Capsules

A coffee capsule compatible with Nespresso(R) machines.


Caffe Molinari Oro Espresso 7gm Coffee Pods

Caffe Molinari Oro ESE Coffee Pods

A blend of the highest quality arabica & robusta beans in a 7g ESE coffee pod.


Caffe Molinari Rosa Coffee Beans 1kg

Caffe Molinari Rosa Coffee Beans

This blend is the perfect mix combining milk notes and a delicate body. This is a unique product with a lighter roast than our other Caffe Molinari blends.


Caffe Molinari Rosso 1kg Coffee Beans

Caffe Molinari Rosso Coffee Beans

A careful selection of Arabica and Robusta beans; a coffee for those who like a strong taste and dark rich crema.


Caffe Molinari Rosso Coffee Capsules

A coffee capsule compatible with Nespresso(R) machines.


Caffe Molinari Rubino ESE coffee pod

Caffe Molinari Rubino ESE Coffee Pod

For the first time ever outside of Italy... Single 7gm serve coffee pod for use in ESE coffee machines. Available as 20, 50 or 150.


Caffe Molinari Balsamic Vinegar Gold Cap

Caffe Molinari Traditional Balsamic 'Bicentenial' Vinegar 250ml

This gold capped balsamic vinegar of Modena, aged in precious wooden barrels, is ideal for salads, on grilled fish, steak or as a dressing ingredient. Molinari has been producing balsamic vinegar since 1800.


CDN Proaccurate Milk Thermometer - 12.7cm stem

CDN Proaccurate Milk Thermometer

NSF Certified thermometers suitable for keeping temperature during milk frother. Available in 2 sizes


CDN Scales with timer

Specially designed to assist with measuring pour over coffee with a built in count up timer.


Chemex Coffee Maker Classic Series - Range

Chemex Coffee Maker Classic Series

The Chemex is a pour-over brewing coffee maker that creates an exceptional cup of coffee.


Chemex Paper Filters - 6, 8, or 10 Cup Folded Squares

Chemex Paper Filters

Chemex coffee maker paper filters are designed to fit your Chemex to perfection. Available in 2 sizes.


Clean Bean Nespresso Compatible Cleaning Capsules

Cleaning capsule compatible with Nespresso machines.


Coffee measuring spoon 20 mL - Stainless Steel

The perfect sized spoon to scoop your coffee.


Bench Top Dumpbox Commercial

Commercial Bench Top Dump Box

This Bench Top Coffee Dump Box is suited to cafés, restaurants, bars and more.


Commercial Coffee Filter papers

Commercial Paper Filters

Flat bottomed conical coffee paper filters. Pack of 250.


Costa Nova Grespresso Range

Costa Nova Grespresso Collection

Fine stoneware cups by Costa Nova, available in 2 sizes.


Costa Nova Livia Mug

Costa Nova Livia Mug

A stout fine stoneware mug with a sturdy handle. Handcrafted in Portugal.


Costa Nova Mug 350ml - White

Costa Nova Mug

Fine stoneware mugs inspired by the natural world. 350ml


Crema Pro Cocoa Shakers

Just the thing to finish your cappuccino with... use for either chocolate or cinnamon


Cuisena Trivet - 2 pack

Cuisena Trivet

Perfect for making it possible to use smaller items on your gas cooktop.


d'Ancap Torino Cappuccino/Tea 160ml

d'Ancap Torino Cup and Saucer

A classic cup with a twist. Available in a two sizes to suit your drinking needs.


d'Ancap Verona Coloured Handle Cappucino Cup & Saucer

d'Ancap Verona Cappuccino Cup & Saucer with Coloured Handles

A classic shaped cup and saucer with your choice of Black, Red, or Orange handles. 190ml


Dosing Cup 58mm

Improve your dosing accuracy while keeping your bench tidy.


Duralex Empilable Clear Tumbler

Strong, stylish glasses that stack easily together. 200ml


Duralex Gigogne Clear Tumbler

Tempered glass tumblers in a classic style. 220ml


E61 Lever Brew Group Rebuild Kit

Full rebuild kit for E61 Lever Brew Group.


ECM Mechanika VI Slim

Cafe quality espresso coffee brewing in a compact format - Mechanika Slim VI features the ECM E61 lever operated brewing group. Commercial quality in your home or office.


ECM Mechanika VI Slim Heritage & Eureka Mignon Specialita Aged Copper Package

The perfect package for cafe quality espresso at home.


ECM Mechanika VI Slim Heritage Edition

ECM Mechanika VI Slim Heritage Edition

Cafe quality espresso coffee brewing in a compact format. Perfect for home or the office.


ECM Silicone Tap Seal - 9mm x 6.5mm

Blind Blank Gasket 9x6.5 - 9mm x 6.5mm - SILICONE - ECM P6000.7



ECM Synchronika Double Boiler PID

One of the very best home espresso machines on the market today. Class leading performance and build quality.

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ECM Technika V Profi PID

ECM TECHNIKA delivers cafe quality espresso as well as powerful steam for all your cafe style coffee favorites. Beautifully made and excellent quality.


Espresso Dosing Funnel

Espresso Dosing Funnel

Reduce coffee waste with an Espresso Dosing Funnel, available in 3 sizes.



Eureka Atom Specialty 65

A high performance commercial grade grinder for those professionals seeking great design, high dispensing speed and grind quality … all from a grinder which is compact and silent.


Eureka Specialty 75 - Chrome

Eureka Atom Specialty 75

EUREKA ATOM Specialty 75 brings quiet grinding technology to the commercial coffee grinder segment.


Eureka Mignon Grinder Mat Kit with Eureka Mignon Specialita

Eureka Mignon Grinder Mat Kit

The perfect fit for your Eureka Mignon, this mat kit keeps your espresso station tidy.


Eureka Mignon Manuale

Eureka Mignon Manuale Coffee Grinder

A quality, quiet grinder that is the perfect size for your home or office.


Eureka Mignon Silenzio - Matte Black

Eureka Mignon Silenzio Coffee Grinder

This quiet 50mm flat burr doser-less grinder is perfect for using at home, or for commercial decaf.


Eureka Mignon Specialita - Aged Copper

This flat-burred coffee grinder features low noise operation & both manual and automatic dosing.


Eureka Mignon Specialita - Blue

This flat-burred coffee grinder features low noise operation & both manual and automatic dosing.


Eureka Mignon Specialita - Pale Blue

This flat-burred coffee grinder features low noise operation & both manual and automatic dosing.


Eureka Mignon Specialita - Siliceous Grey

This flat-burred coffee grinder features low noise operation & both manual and automatic dosing.


Eureka Mignon Specialita - Full Chrome

Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder

This flat-burred coffee grinder features low noise operation & both manual and automatic dosing.


Eureka Red Speed burrs -74x37x9mm

Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride Grinder Burrs or Blades for Eureka Grinders.


Eureka Titanium burrs -74x37x9mm

GENUINE Titanium Grinder Burrs or Blades for the Mythos One Grinder. Flat Burrs to fit the Mythos One commercial espresso coffee grinder.



Group-Head Gasket Seal e61 - 73mm x 57mm x 8.0mm - NBR 75 SH SOFT



Group-Head Gasket Seal e61 - 73mm x 57mm x 9.0mm - NBR 75 SH SOFT


Flair 58 High Flow Basket with straight sides

Flair 58 High Flow Basket

A straight walled 18g basket for the Flair 58 series of espresso makers.


Flair 58 Walnut Tamper

Add style and elegance to every brew with a Flair Espresso walnut palm tamper.


Flair 58+

The flagship from Flair Espresso, for café quality at home.

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Flair Brew Scale

Ensure consistent, repeatable results while dosing and tracking your brew ratios and flow rate. Fits under all Flair Espresso Makers.


Flair Fitted Carrying Case

Flair Fitted Carrying Case

Flair Espresso original carrying case designed to fit the Flair Neo, Signature Series or Classic.


The Neo, Grey

Flair Neo

The NEO is built for beginners and those seeking convenient, affordable espresso in their homes.​


Flair Pro 2 - Black

Flair Pro 2

Welcome to the Flagship! Brew like a Pro. The Flair Pro 2 is the flagship from Flair Espresso.


Gaggia Classic Bottomless portafilter

Filter-Holder Bottomless 58mm - GAGGIA DOMESTIC


Gaggia Classic Pro Evo - Black

A compact, affordable and time tested espresso machine.


Giannini Tua Handle & Knob Kit - Scottish

Giannini Tua Handle & Knob Kit

Kits with a replacement handle & knob. Available in multiple colours.


Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

Let us wrap your gift and make it special!


Group Head Cleaning Brush

Group Cleaning Brush

Group Head Cleaning Brush


Guzzini Tiffany Low Tumbler - Colour Range

Guzzini Tiffany Low Tumbler

Quality Italian made acrylic make these tumblers perfect for serving drinks at an outdoor meal or in the spa pool.


Guzzini Tiffany Tall Tumbler - Coral

Guzzini Tiffany Tall Tumbler

Quality Italian made acrylic tumblers, now available in 510ml


Handpresso Intense Portafilter

Handpresso Intense Portafilter

For a real Ristretto!


Handpresso Outdoor Cups

Handpresso Outdoor Cups

Box of 2 unbreakable cups.


Handpresso Travel Case

Handpresso Travel Case

A true must have! This handy case protects your Handpresso Wild wherever you go.


Hario Bona Tea & Coffee Canister 200g

Hario Bona Tea & Coffee Canister

Keeping it fresh! Perfect fit for 100g of tea or coffee


Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Mill

Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Grinder

A very popular hand coffee grinder from Hario of Japan.


Pre 2012 - I...57

Head Seal (Gasket) for Ascaso Dream

Group head seal to fit the 'Ascaso Dream'.


Ascaso Steel Duo Pro Head Seal Pre 2009

Head Seal for Ascaso Duo Pro

Group head seal to fit the Ascaso Steel Duo Pro machines


How to make the best coffee at home - James Hoffmann

Coffee expert James Hoffmann is the cofounder of Square Mile Coffee, as well as creating extremely informative, and popular, kit and coffee reviews for his YouTube and Instagram channels.




From Husk to Cup - the ethical way to keep your coffee hotter for longer. 12oz


Icon Chef Filter with Carafe

Icon Chef Reusable Mesh Filter

An eco-friendly and reusable coffee filter to fit 2-4 cup pour overs.


Aluminium Tamper 53mm

Joe Frex Aluminium Tamper

53mm coffee tamper made from food grade aluminium.


Joe Frex Barista Steam Cloth in action

Joe Frex Barista Steam Cloth

Microfibre cloth with built in silicone layer for cleaning your steam wand.


Joe Frex Knockbox Basic Red

Joe Frex Basic Knock Box

A sturdy benchtop knock box available in 3 colours.


Classic Knock Box - Black

Joe Frex Classic Knock Box

The original Joe Frex Knock Box. Available in 2 colours.


Joe Frex Classic Knock Box Replacement Bar

Joe Frex Classic Knock Box Replacement Bar

A replacement knock bar for the Joe Frex Classic Knock Box.


Joe Frex Milk Jug Coloured Azure Blue

Joe Frex Coloured Milk Jugs

Easy to use and hard wearing solid milk jugs from Joe Frex. A range of sizes and colours available.


Joe Frex Corner Tamping Mat

Joe Frex Corner Tamping Mat

A tamping mat for Home or Cafe designed to protect your benchtop from damage.


Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scales

Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scales

Looking to improve your shots by using the exact same amount of coffee each time?


Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scales with Timer

Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scales with Timer

Accurate digital scales with in-built timer function.


Joe Frex Elegance Tamper - Walnut

Joe Frex Elegance Tamper

Solid, warm, dependable. Available in a range of base sizes.


Joe Frex Espresso Multi Tool

Compact and Practical, this Espresso Multi Tool is a must have for any home or professional barista.


Joe Frex Exclusive Group Cleaning Brush in use

Joe Frex Exclusive Group Cleaning Brush

A group cleaning brush specially designed to be used while the water is running.


Joe Frex Grinder Brush

Joe Frex Grinder Brush

The perfect tool to keep your espresso coffee grinder clean.


Joe Frex Group Circle Brush

Joe Frex Group Circle Brush

An ergonomic circle brush for cleaning 58mm group heads.


Joe Frex Keyring - Tamper

Joe Frex Keyrings

The perfect gift for the coffee lover that already has it all! Multiple styles available


Joe Frex Level Tamper - Stainless Steel

Joe Frex Level Tamper

Take the guess work away! This level ensures a perfect flat level tamp every time. Available in 2 styles


Joe Frex Measuring Shot Glass

Espresso Shot measuring glass.


Joe Frex Milk Jug 590ml

Joe Frex Milk Jug

Easy steaming and great pouring stainless steel milk jugs in a range of sizes.


Joe Frex Barista Professional Milk Jug

Joe Frex Milk Jug - Quality

The Joe Frex Professional Milk Jug. Available in 3 sizes.


Slam Dripper with Coffee

Joe Frex Slam Dripper

A slam dunk for basketball fans who also enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.


Joe Frex Tamping Mat Flat

Joe Frex Tamping Mat Flat

A classic tamping mat made from food-safe silicone.


Joe Frex Tea Box

Joe Frex Tea Box

A wooden tea storage box with six separate compartments.


Jura 2-Phase Descaling Tablets

Jura 2-Phase Descaling Tablets

A 2-phase descaling tablet which gently removes scale while also protecting your coffee machine. Suitable for most Jura machines.


Jura 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets

Jura 3 Phase Cleaning Tablets - 6 Pack

The new 3-phase cleaning tablet doesn’t just clean the machine, it also seals it to delay the accumulation of coffee residue.



Jura CLARIS Water Filter Cartridge

CLARIS provides the ideal water quality for the perfect speciality coffees.


KeepCup Original - Doppio

KeepCup Original

For people who love coffee, who care about the environment and who appreciate good design!


Keith Brymer Jones Mugs

Mugs designed by Keith Brymer Jones, shaped to give a lush country feel. 350ml


Kinto Cafe Press Mug - White

Kinto Cafe Press Mug

Form & function meet to create this stylish travel press. Perfect for the office or as a gift.


Kinto Carafe Brew Set

Filter coffee set. Available in 2 sizes & 2 filter styles.


Kinto Carat Coffee Dripper Set

Kinto Carat Dripper Set

Stainless steel & heat-resistant glass complement the elegance of Kinto's Carat Dripper Set.


Kinto Cast Cafe Latte Mug

Kinto Cast Cafe Latte Mug

Simple glass mugs in a nostalgic amber hue. 430ml


Kinto Fog Wide Mug Dark Grey

Kinto Fog Wide Mugs

The same timeless design as the original Fog Mugs with a wider mouth. 320ml


Kinto Oct Brewer

Kinto Oct Brewer

Part of Kinto's OCT range, these brewers are a sleek addition to your morning coffee set up. Available in 2 sizes


Kinto Oct Mug

Kinto Oct Mug

Stylish and sleek, the Oct Mug will add a touch of class to your morning coffee routine. 300ml


Kinto One Touch Teapot

Enjoy loose leaf tea without a separate strainer.


Kinto Plug Iced Tea Jug

Kinto Plug Iced Tea Jug

A simple & sophisticated iced tea jug. 1.2L


Kinto Brass Brewer Stand Set

Kinto SCS Brass Brewer Set

Enjoy the ritual of coffee brewing with Kinto's Slow Coffee Style Brewer Set.


Kinto SCS Coast Mug - White Pink

Kinto SCS Coast Mugs

Enjoy your coffee break in style with a beautifully hand-finished porcelain mug.


Kinto Coffee Filter inside a 2 cup white ceramic brewer sitting on top of a white ceramic mug. There is a spare packet of filters in the background

Kinto SCS Filters

Fine grade coffee filters made from cotton linter pulp & wood pulp. 2 sizes available


Kinto SCS Mug - Navy 400ml

Kinto SCS Mug

Gently curved mugs in classic colours. 400ml


Kinto SCS Pour Over Brewer - 4 Cup Grey

Kinto SCS Pour Over Brewer

An over cup brewer for lovers of refined design and slow coffee. 2 sizes and 2 colours available.


Kinto SCS Simple Pour Over Brewer - 2 Cup

Kinto SCS Simple Pour Over Brewer

A lightweight pour over brewer available in 2 sizes.


Kinto Stacking Mug - Orange

Kinto SCS Stacking Mugs

Sturdy & stackable, these mugs are perfect for admirers of minimal design.


Kinto SCS Tankard Mug - 330ml - Sand

Kinto SCS Tankard Mugs

Strong & stable mugs inspired by the Earth. Available in 2 sizes & 2 colours.


Kinto Sepia Mugs in use

Kinto Sepia Mug

Glass mugs designed for a comfortable drinking experience.


Kinto Unitea Cold Brew Carafe

Kinto Unitea Cold Brew Carafe

Brew & serve your cold brew tea or coffee in this elegant carafe. 1.1L


Unitea Glass Cup - 350ml

Kinto Unitea Glass Cups

Glass cups with a large arched handle for easy handling.


Kinto Unitea One Touch Teapot 460ml & 720ml

Kinto Unitea One Touch Teapot

Let your leaf tea loose with these infuser-free teapots.


Krea Prime Vending Machine

The perfect drinks solution. Ideal for offices, showrooms, hotels, golf clubs and other self-service locations. Freshly brewed coffee straight from the bean.


La Cafetiere small hand-crank coffee grinder with copper storage base

La Cafetière Copper Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinding in a classic style.


La Cafetière Monaco French Press colour range

La Cafetière Monaco French Press

A retro-style French Press available in three colours.


La Cafetiere coffee grinder with large Stainless Steel storage base and clip top seal

La Cafetière Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinder with built in storage.


La Pavoni Europiccola Professional

La Pavoni Europiccola Professional

Manual espresso at its finest.

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Latte Lovers Starter Pack Electric

Latte Lovers Starter Pack

Everything you need to get started with making your own chai, matcha & turmeric lattes in a handy little kit.


Minipresso NS2

The next generation in portable capsule espresso machines.


Molinari Plastic Domed Lid for Takeaway Cups

Molinari Plastic Takeaway Cup Lid

Takeaway Cup lid designed to fit Molinari Takeaway Paper Cups.


Motta Milk Thermometer

The Motta Milk Thermometer features a 10 degree face plate for readings.


Nanopresso Elements - Lava Red


A hand-held espresso machine that is easy to use and convenient to carry.


Nanopresso Journey - Winter Ride

Nanopresso - Journey Range

Wacaco's smallest coffee makers in all new styles designed by French designer/artist SteF.


Nanopresso Barista Kit

Nanopresso Barista Kit

A set of accessories to expand the Nanopresso's brewing capabilities.


Nanopresso Nespresso Capsule Adaptor

Nanopresso NS Adaptor

An adaptor to enable your Nanopresso to take Nespresso(R) capsules.


notNeutral Lino Cup & Saucer 3oz (89ml) White

notNeutral Lino Cup & Saucer

Meticulous design with both commercial customers and consumers in mind.


Octaroma Grande Thermo Mug

A premium vacuum insulated mug with generous capacity. 435ml


Wacaco Octaroma Lungo Thermo Mug - Full Range

Octaroma Lungo Thermo Mug

A premium vacuum insulated mug by Wacaco. 300ml capacity. Available in 5 colours.


Pezzetti BelleExpress Induction Stovetop - Orange

Pezzetti BellExpress Stovetop

Needing an induction suitable coffee maker but wanting a little colour in your life too? Look no further!


Pezzetti ItalExpress Spare Parts Kit

Pezzetti ItalExpress Funnel, Handle & Knob Replacement Kit

Replacement kits for the grounds funnel, knob & handle on Pezzetti ItalExpress stovetop coffee makers.


Pezzetti Replacement Seal & Filter Kit - all sizes available

Pezzetti ItalExpress Seal & Filter Kit

Suitable for Pezzetti Aluminium Stovetop Coffee Makers.


Pezzetti ItalExpress - Teal Blue

Pezzetti ItalExpress Stovetop Coffee Makers

Finding the traditional Moka pot a little dull? Check the Pezzetti Moka range for your favourite colour


Prezzetti SteelExpress Induction Stovetop - Grey Enamel

Pezzetti SteelExpress Induction Espresso Maker

A sleek & stylish compact stovetop coffee maker from Pezzetti.


Pezzetti SteelExpress Stainless Steel replacement seal and filter kit

Pezzetti SteelExpress Seal & Filter Kit

Suitable for Pezzetti Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Makers.


Picopresso with smooth case standing upright behind it


The newest espresso maker by Wacaco, this hand-held machine will exceed your expectations for a great shot of espresso.


Picopresso Gauge

Picopresso Gauge

Master the art of precision brewing with a pressure gauge for your Picopresso


Picopresso Stand

The perfect companion to pair up with your Picopresso.


Primo Sorso Puck Screen

Take your espresso extraction to new depths with a puck screen.


Puly Caff Lifty

Puly Caff Lifty

A tool for removing your basket from the portafilter.


Puly Grinder Cleaner

Puly Grinder Cleaner

Cleaner for your coffee grinder. Available as individual doses or a pack of 10.


Pure Tea Organic Peppermint Tea

Pure Tea Bio Peppermint - Organic

Loose Leaf 80g. Fresh peppermint grown under the warm Portugal sun creates a bright yellow-green infusion. This tea is completely organic.


Wooden Replacement Knockbox Bar

Replacement Wooden Knockbin Bar - Commercial

This replacement wooden bar is suitable for all our commercial dumpboxes.


Rockingham Mug Range

Rockingham Cafe Mugs

Italian Styled Mugs made of hard wearing commercial grade Porcelain. All in the funky bright colours Rockingham is reknown for. 380ml


Rockingham Tea Strainer with Drip Basket

Rockingham Tea Strainer

Stainless steel tea strainer with included drip basket.


ROK GC Conversion Kit

ROK GC Conversion Kit

A four-part pressure chamber conversion kit to upgrade or refresh any ROK or Presso espresso machine.


ROK Grinder GC

A manual coffee grinder with hardened steel conical burrs.


ROK Naked Portafilter

ROK Naked Portafilter

A bottomless portafilter perfectly designed to fit the ROK Espresso GC.


ROK Oak Tamper

ROK Oak Tamper

A perfectly designed tamper for the ROK Espresso GC.


Rok Replacement Plunger Seal

Silicone O-ring seal for the EspressoGC plunger


Saeco Lirika OTC

Lirika is the new entry-level bean-to-cup machine,and guarantees superior performance and user-friendliness in amodern and compact shell.


Schott Zwiesel - Air Tumbler 435ml

Schott Zwiesel Air Tumbler

Lead-free crystal stemless glasses with a wide base. 435ml


Sonido Glasses - Full Range

Schott Zwiesel Sonido Glasses

Coloured crystal glasses that are perfect for iced coffee, iced tea, or even just water!


Shott Syrup 1L Range

Shott Syrup 1L

A range of NZ made syrups & concentrates to enjoy with your coffee or over dessert.


Shott Syrup Pump - 750ml

Shott Syrup Pump Dispenser

Designed to fit and be used with our Shott Syrup range.


Silicone group head seal 72x56x8 mm

Group-Head Gasket Seal 72x56x8 mm - Internal Slits / Cuts - SILICONE - ASTORIA / WEGA 12217


Spring Mesh Tea Infuser

Single cup tea infuser with spring-loaded handle.


Stolzle Weinland Iced Coffee Glasses

Stolzle Weinland Iced Coffee Glasses

Iced coffee glasses made from lead-free crystal. Available in 2 sizes


Stovetop Starter Pack

Everything you need to get started with Stovetop Espresso in a handy little kit.


Technivorm Moccamaster Filters

Technivorm Moccamaster Filters

Paper filters designed to fit the Technivorm Moccamaster.


The Coffee Company Puck Screen

The Coffee Company Puck Screen

Prevent channeling & balance your extraction. 3 sizes available.


TIMEMORE Chestnut C3

Professional hand grinder with premium quality Stainless steel burrs and high accuracy.


Trenton Bar Blade

Trenton Bar Blade

Flat bottle opener by Trenton International.


Turkish Boiler - 355ml / 12oz

Turkish Boiler - Ibrik Coffee Maker

Turkish Ibrik from Rockingham made of durable stainless steel with a heavy base so will not retain tastes and odours.


Urban Blends - Cacao Dark 51% 250g

Urban Blends Cacao Hot Chocolate

A smooth, dark hot chocolate. Available in 2 sizes.


Urban Blends - Cacao White Chocolate 250g

Urban Blends Cacao White Chocolate

With hints of caramel and vanilla, this authentic white chocolate from Urban Blends is well balanced & not too sweet.


Urban Blends - Matcha Latte 500g

Urban Blends Matcha Green Tea Latte

The Matcha Green Tea Drink we have been waiting for.


Urban Blends - Beetroot Latte 200g

Urban Blends Pink Beetroot Latte

A smooth velvety mix of beetroot & warming natural spices


Urban Blends - Turmeric Latte 200g

Urban Blends Turmeric Latte

A full bodied, smooth & spicy blend, rich in curcumin.


Urban Blends - Vegan Spice Chai 200g

Urban Blends Vegan Spice Chai

A must for spice lovers


Valira Seal and Filter Pack

This Seal and Filter pack is suitable for Valira Stovetop 12 Cup coffee makers.


Vibiemme (VBM) Domobar Junior Espresso Machine

Vibiemme (VBM) Domobar Junior Espresso Machine

A commercial quality E61 coffee machine. Make your cafe quality coffee at home!

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Vibiemme (VBM) Domobar Super Espresso Machine

Vibiemme (VBM) Domobar Super Espresso Machine

Commercial quality espresso machine in your own home!

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Volle Coffee Golf Tees

The Vollē Golf 'Coffee Tee' is a biodegradable golf tee made of up-cycled coffee grounds and biomaterial. The Vollē Golf 'Coffee Tee' is a biodegradable golf tee made of up-cycled coffee grounds and biomaterial.


Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Compact & precise scales, the perfect addition to your brewing setup.


Wacaco Exagrind

A compact and robust manual grinder that doesn't compromise on precision and grind quality.


Water Filter

An in tank resin water filter for your domestic coffee machine. Suitable for most machines.


WDT Tool

WDT Tool

A tool for breaking up clumps in your portafilter before you tamp.


Wega & E61 8mm Head seal

Group head seal/portafilter gasket. Suitable for all e61 brewing group machines


Wega EVD 2 Group

Wega Atlas EVD 2 Group

The volumetric 2-group machine that is hard to beat for function and reliability. A firm favourite in the NZ cafe industry.


Wega W-Mini Black front view

Wega W-Mini

The world renown commercial quality of Wega in an espresso machine perfect for home. On sale for Christmas!


Zero Japan Mug - Current Range

Zero Japan Mug

Hand crafted ceramic mug by Zero Japan. Available in various colours. 200ml


Zero Japan Teacup 120ml - Blue White

Zero Japan Teacup

Beautiful handcrafted teacups available in 3 colours. 120ml


Zero Japan Teapot - Artichoke

Zero Japan Teapots

The perfect brewing balance of design and function. Available in a range of colours and sizes.


Zoku Flip Top Sports Bottle Range - Matte Black & Matte White bottles

Zoku Flip Top Sports Bottle

A slimline stainless steel sports bottle, perfect for staying hydrated on the go. 500ml


Zoku New Colour Range

Zoku Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Vacuum insulated construction keeps your beverages cold for up to 40 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. 500ml or 750ml


Zoku Vacuum Insulated Bottle - Rose Petal Pink - Light pink flowers with green leaves on a soft pink background with a soft pink paracord lanyard.

Zoku Vacuum Insulated Bottle - Patterns

For hot or cold beverages on the go. Vacuum insulated to keep the temperature steady for longer. Available in 500ml or 750ml


Zyliss Hot Mug French Press during brewing

Zyliss Hot Mug French Press

For French Press coffee on the go. 300ml