Going Somewhere?

  • 18 March 2021
  • Jacqui Allison

There’s never been a better time to see New Zealand’s beautiful countryside, rolling hills & sandy beaches, but doing it without access to good coffee is less than ideal. Enter: Wacaco.

Wacaco are experts in nomad coffee & espresso. All of their products are designed to travel with you wherever you want to go, and all provide an exceptional cup of coffee. Like most travel products, they do not have a mechanism for heating the water - this saves a lot on space and weight. This isn’t a problem though, as you usually need a gas stove to cook food when you travel, so you can simply utilise this to boil the water to use with your Wacaco coffee maker. 

First in the line up, and my personal favourite, is the Nanopresso. Weighing in at just 336g, it’s lighter than a bag of flour. This impressive little device can deliver an espresso shot - thick crema and all - in mere minutes. With the help of your hands and their newly patented pumping system, this espresso maker can reach a whopping 18 bars (261 PSI) of stable pressure during extraction; that’s more than what most home espresso machines are capable of delivering. The water tank holds up to 80ml of water and locks firmly into place to avoid any mishaps while pumping. To get the best results from your Nanopresso, we recommend running hot water through it first to heat up all the parts, which will provide you with a hotter espresso shot post-extraction. Use finely ground coffee and tamp hard; the grounds scoop doubles as a tamper, so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra parts for this. Once you’ve finished, the Nanopresso portafilter components are easily separated for quick deep cleaning. 

nanopresso espresso maker in black is in the middle of the image with colour options displayed in each corner. These options are red, blue, white and green

Next in line are the Barista Kit & Nanovessel, which have been brilliantly designed as add-ons to improve your Nanopresso experience even further. The Barista Kit includes a double espresso adapter ring, additional single shot (8g) basket, 2 double shot (16g) baskets, a larger water tank with cup to match, and a coffee tamper. Giving users the ability to extract a double espresso was a no brainer when it came to choosing additions for the Nanopresso, and Wacaco have done an excellent job at keeping this kit compact as well. The Nanovessel is a great addition for day trips that start at home. It is essentially a thermos that is able to be directly connected to the Nanopresso and used as a large water tank. Simply fill up the Nanovessel with hot water and fasten it’s specially designed lid to ensure it stays hot, then connect to your Nanopresso when you’re ready to extract!

nanopresso barista kit and nanovessel are shown. the barista kit includes an exploded view so you can see all of the parts. The nanovessel is shown attached to the base of the nanopresso

If you prefer the ease of Nespresso(R) compatible capsules, then the Minipresso NS is the Wacaco product for you. It works in the same way as the Nanopresso, but takes capsules instead of ground coffee. Simply fill the tank with hot water, pop a capsule into the opposite end, invert the device so the water tank is at the top & capsule at the bottom, then pump directly into your cup - it really is that easy.

minipresso ns in black is displayed with a nespresso compatible capsule that is upside down and a freshly brewed cup of espresso in front

So before you head off to explore NZ in all of its glory, grab yourself a Wacaco product and guarantee yourself coffee that’s as beautiful as the landscapes you’ll see.


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