How Green is your Coffee?

  • 19 July 2017
  • Ange Spori

As a company providing what we believe is an essential service – bringing great coffee and coffee products to you - we are also aware of the enormous impact coffee and associated products can have on our surrounds. 

This year we have made it our mission to include in our range (and in some instances even replace completely our existing option) an environmentally positive choice.

The biggest hit we have had of late has been the reusable KeepCup.  This is proving to be a popular gift choice as well as an everyday choice for many coffee addicts.  The range we are stocking should have something for everyone – be it a BPA free plastic KeepCup or the increasingly popular glass BrewCup.  These are industry standard sizes of 8oz and 12oz although we have had loads of interest in the larger 16oz of late (in the next shipment people, in the next shipment!).  

To complete the cup choice we have now found a fully compostable paper Takeaway Cup and Lid for cafes and coffee places to utilise instead of filling the land with cups that won’t break down anytime soon.  These little winners are available once again in both the 8oz and the 12oz standard sizes.  The lid fitting both cups making them a no brainer to use.  So while you are chucking your grinds in the garden you can be heaving your cup in your compost bin at the same time, or having the rubbish man collect them in the green collection bin.  But if gardening isn’t your thing or you simply don’t have one there are many great articles about reusing the spent coffee grinds…..facial scrub anyone??

Other choices include opting for the right coffee…. an Organic Fairtrade Coffee is always a good start, especially if it tastes as good as our Bio Blend from Caffe Molinari.  Fill your reusable Emohome (Nespresso® compatible) coffee capsules with the stuff and you can’t go wrong.   We believe whether the coffee is roasted in NZ or elsewhere the footprint is similar.  Caffe Molinari is brought in as a superbly roasted product instead of the green bean, but both still need to be imported into the country.

We also pride ourselves on selling a range of coffee machines and grinders that are user and fixable friendly.  Our machinery and accessory range are designed to have parts replaced when they wear out, and NOT made to be disposable.  Choosing a durable repairable machine is making a positive choice for our world too. 

When ordering products through our website, or asking us to send items to you, we have been shipping your parcels using pre used boxes and packaging from other local businesses around us – it’s our small bit to reduce the impact on our environment…..helping you help us help our world.  It’s the least we can do.


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