Tea Please

  • 9 March 2020
  • Ange Spori

If coffee isn’t hitting your hot button at the moment then perhaps Tea is the answer.  There is such a choice of teas, infusions, and wonderful blends these days it gets quite overwhelming but very exciting at the same time. 

We introduced Althaus teas to New Zealand just over a year ago and still love tasting the blends we are importing.  Each time you try one of the teas from Althaus the flavours re-develop in your mouth and the enjoyment begins again.   Having been firm Coffeeholics previously it was time for a change of taste, or rather an introduction to a different drink.  The Coffee Company are still exceptionally passionate about coffee, don’t get me wrong, but tea is finding a serious foothold in New Zealand now and we wanted to be a part of bringing great tea to New Zealanders.  Gumboot tea days are diminishing, and high end tea is now finding its way into many pantry’s and teapots all over the country. 

The Coffee Company have a small but stunning range of loose tea, and complimenting the range are the deli bags and the pyra packs (pyramid tea bags).  All bases are covered even if you haven’t a teapot in your cupboard.   

Being quite a fussy bunch here it took us over 2 years to find a company we wanted to import tea from.  There were many tasting sessions before the final decision was made, although Althaus were firm contender the whole way through, and we keep tasting new options from them to increase the range.  What makes Althaus teas special? It's the know-how, experience and joint effort of German, American and Russian tea experts.  ALTHAUS is a young company whose tea specialists have more than 60 years of experience. Based on their knowledge of the long traditions of tea cultures from around the world, Althaus experts have developed contemporary tea concepts making tea a true experience.

Pop in store or take a look online at what Blends are available.  If in doubt please contact us and let us talk you through the range.

Happy Steeping and Sipping!




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