Cafelat XT Tamper

A precision built tamper designed to be adjustable to suit the hand size of the Barista. 58mm.




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The Cafelat XT Tamper is both a functional work of art and a piece of simple engineering perfection.  This is the last tamper you ever need to buy.

100% 304 grade stainless steel 
Adjustable height with approx. 20mm of stepless adjustment 

The tamper is 100% stainless steel, yet weighs only 370g for a 58mm which is about the same as a standard wood handled steel base tamper.

The height of the handle can be adjusted to suit the hand size of the barista, the tamper has an adjustment range of 20mm and is lockable along any point. The locking mechanism is hidden away inside for a seamless look.

A tamper set includes the complete tamper, the blue silicone tamper seat and the allen key for adjusting the height.

Mirror finished handle