Caffe Molinari Rosa Coffee Beans

This blend is the perfect mix combining milk notes and a delicate body. This is a unique product with a lighter roast than our other Caffe Molinari blends.




From $12.00

A blend with "feminine” features. Sophisticated and elegant citrus features, with a delicate but persistent palate, with a silky flavour of vanilla and cacao, and a fresh bouquet of flowers, and fresh as well as dried fruit. Bursting with flavour that elegantly and gently envelope our palate.

Our softest blend of coffee beans, this is our best suited bean for extraction methods that draw out lighter flavours, such as cold brew, filter or siphon. We also recommend this bean for a long or short black that is smooth to drink.

Available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg bags, either as beans or ground to your preference.  



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