Caffe Molinari Traditional Balsamic 'Bicentenial' Vinegar 250ml

Caffe Molinari Balsamic Vinegar Gold Cap

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Over the years this special balsamic vinegar has been reserved to the Molinari family and a few selected connoisseurs.

This balsamic vinegar of Modena, aged in precious wooden barrels, is ideal for salads, on grilled fish, steak or as a dressing ingredient. Molinari has been producing balsamic vinegar since 1800, following the oldest recipes of Modena which the Molinari heirs preserved in their archives.

Thanks to these precious recipes, which gained awards at the major world exhibitions over the centuries (Philadelphia 1876, Paris 1878, Melbourne 1880, Palermo 1891, Milan 1881, Chicago 1893), the Molinari family was awarded the honour of becoming a ‘supplier of the Royal Casa Savoia’ with patent rights in February 1880.


This balsamic vinegar is a product that everybody should taste - and now can!  Buon Appetito!



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