E61 Lever Brew Group Rebuild Kit

Full rebuild kit for E61 Lever Brew Group.



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Full rebuild kit for e61 Lever Brew Group.


1x Group-Head Gasket

1x Shower Screen

1x Brew Valve

1x Infusion Valve

1x Drain Valve 

2x Lever Cam Seals

1x Water Filter


1x Nozzle / Jet / Restrictor - M6x0.75mm - HOLE 0.8 mm - Hex Body

1x Flat Gasket 22x16x2 mm PTFE Teflon

3x Flat Gasket 36x30x2 mm PTFE Teflon

1x Flat Gasket 26x21x2 mm PTFE Teflon

1x Lever cam shaft for e61 brewing group - Brass

1x Dispersion Nozzle / Diffuser - OD30mm M10x1 - e61 Group - Brass

1x Spring 15x26mm

1x Spring 14x33 mm

2x  Spring 14x45 mm

1x O-Ring 0128 VITON 20.63x2.62mm

1x O-Ring 0200-32 - 26.4mm x 20.0mm x 3.2mm - SILICONE


22x Items in Total