Espresso Dosing Funnel v-II

Minimise wastage & mess from your espresso grinder. Improved design to reduce channelling.




The Espresso Dosing Funnel v-II has an improved design, sitting securely on the outer edge of your portafilter without disturbing the coffee grounds below. This design update also increases dosing efficiency: with more space to accommodate your tamper, you can tamp without having to remove the funnel first.

Reduce Wastage & Mess by minimising grind spillage over the edges of the portafilter during grinding and tamping.

Added Stability with 8 small magnets to securely 'catch' the portafilter and keep the funnel in place during use.

Durable Construction from high-quality stainless steel, with a bonus that it's easy to clean. 

Available in 54mm & 58mm


Please note: The in-built grinder on the Breville Barista Express & some other Breville/Delonghi machines does not have enough clearance to allow for use of this product due to the tapering on the grinder shoot.