Eureka Mignon Silenzio Coffee Grinder

This quiet 50mm flat burr doser-less grinder is perfect for using at home, or for commercial decaf.



From $949.99$799.99

The Mignon Silenzio by Eureka is the newest addition to our range of home grinders. 

The 50mm flat hardened steel burrs ensure consistent grind every time, and the low-noise design make this the must-have grinder for at home or commercial decaf use. 


- Doser-less design - grind directly into the coffee filter-holder 
- Coffee hopper: 300g 
- Productivity: 1.2-1.6 g/s 
- Grind adjustment: stepless 
- Dosing: Manual + Timer (analogue) 
- Dimensions: 120mm [w] x 180mm [d] x 350mm [h]
- Weight: 5.6kg 
- Motor: 1350rpm - 260W - 230V 
- 12 month warranty 
- Made in Italy 
- Available in 3 colours: Matte Black, Full Chrome & White