Flair 58+

The flagship from Flair Espresso, for café quality at home.




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The Flair 58 Plus is Flair Espresso's flagship model.

Including everything from the base model Flair 58, the Flair 58+ adds a touch of class with walnut accents on the portafilter, t-grip and palm tamper.  The included articulating shot mirror attaches to the post magnetically.

The preheat system on the Flair 58+ includes three different levels: low, medium and high, which roughly correlate to brewing temperatures needed for dark, medium and light roasts respectively. It's easier to take with you on the go, featuring a detachable preheat controller so that you can go off-grid and brew espresso anywhere.

The Flair 58+ also features dark motif screws and includes both of Flair’s portafilter baskets, the high and low-flow.

Fully-Manual, Professional Grade, Lever Press

- Handcraft café-quality espresso at home
- Manual process and integrated pressure gauge for precise brew variable control
- Immediate feedback while brewing allows for real-time adjustments 

Temperature Preheat Controller 

- Consistent thermal management of your brew inputs
- Three temperature settings to match your brewing preference
- Maintain your brew chamber preheat for multiple extractions

Professional Grade 58mm Barista Portafilter 

- Wooden handle for advanced ergonomics
- Use any standard 58mm portafilter basket, tamping & distribution tools
- Mirror dialing-in process of specialty coffee industry

Enhanced Usability

- Wide base for stability during extractions
- Elongated lever for ease of pulling at higher pressures
- T-grip for lever comfort and control
- Advanced mechanical workflow allows for rapid-fire extractions

Premium Build with Elegant Finishes

- Stainless steel components for a plastic-free brew path
- Die-cast aluminum frame to withstand years of extractions
- Metal components backed by limited 5-year warranty
- Deluxe wooden accents


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