Flair Articulating Shot Mirror

Dial-in your espresso shots with this magnetic shot mirror designed for Flair.




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Get up close & personal with your extractions with a Flair Articulating Shot Mirror.

Perfectly designed to work with your Flair Espresso maker, this magnetic mirror helps you to dial in your shot and check for channelling in real time.
The mirror articulates in any direction, making it easily maneuverable to suit your setup. 

Before setting up your shot for extraction, attach the included adhesive stainless steel disc to your clean & dry Flair Espresso maker. Once the disc is secured, use the magnetic base to connect the shot mirror and adjust the angle to the right direction for you.


- Flair 58 series: attach to post
- Flair PRO, Signature, Classic & NEO: attach to base
(see photos for recommended placement)


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