Hario V60 Coffee Drip Buono Kettle

Great for any brew method as the Buono Kettle ensures the water falls on your coffee grinds gently.



From $69.95

The stainless steel Buono Kettle by Hario of Japan is the preferred water pourer for all pour-over filter options.

The secret to its popularity is the kettle’s unusually shaped spout. The spout’s long neck and narrow opening allows the user to precisely control the flow of water applied to coffee grounds. 

Why does this matter? Pour-over methods require grounds to be pre-wet before brewing - usually requiring 30-50mls of water – using the Buono allows that level of detail to be achieved. The Buono Kettle is a must-have for those who love to use Chemex and coffee dripper filter cones.

Available in 2 sizes.





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