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The KeepCup range are barista standard, replicating standard takeaway sizes to fit under most espresso machines. When espresso based coffee is made in your KeepCup the crema remains intact and the portioning of milk to coffee will be correct.

KeepCup Original are made from BPA free plastic so they are lightweight, easy to carry and have low embodied energy in manufacture.

KeepCup will fit into most car cup holders and many bicycle bottle holders.

Available in small (8oz – 227ml) medium (12oz – 340ml) and large (16oz - 454ml) sizes 

Click Here to order XS (4oz) or SiX (6oz)

Note: In person, Sycamore has more pronounced colours than displayed in the image. The cup is olive coloured with a very light grey lid and a dark grey band & plug.

Miscellaneous - We have a range of stock made from randomly selected colours. Pick miscellaneous from the dropdown menu to let us choose a one of a kind cup for you!


BPA free and non-toxic
Larger drinking hole to fully experience the aroma and texture of your beverage
Splash-proof seal
Plug covers mouthpiece when not in use
Hard lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure
Dishwasher and microwave safe




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