Kinto Unitea Cold Brew Carafe

Brew & serve your cold brew tea or coffee in this elegant carafe. 1.1L




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Following the simplicity of Kinto's Unitea One Touch Teapot, this Cold Brew Carafe is designed to enable to you brew and serve out of the same jug without additional steps for filtering. 

The fine stainless steel strainer keeps your brewed coffee smooth without compromising on flavour. 

To make your cold brew, add 1.1L of cold water into the carafe. Grind your coffee beans coarsely (if purchasing pre-ground, buy French Press/Plunger grind) and add them to the stainless steel strainer. Rotate the strainer onto the back of the lid to secure it in place. Gently insert the strainer into the carafe & pop in the refrigerator to brew. If you are brewing tea, leave for 8 hours before serving. If you are brewing coffee, leave for a minimum of 18 hours. Before serving, remove the strainer from the lid & replace the lid on the carafe before pouring. 

1.1L capacity

Dishwasher safe

Materials: Heat-resistant glass, 18-8 Stainless Steel, polypropylene & silicone


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