Primo Sorso Dosing Funnel

A 58mm funnel for dosing espresso grinds.




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Reduce waste & mess with a Primo Sorso Dosing Funnel. The funnel works by stopping excess grinds from escaping over the edge of the portafilter and includes small magnets to ensure the funnel 'catches' the portafilter and stays firmly in place. 

Designed for use with espresso grinders that have extra space between the grinder output and the top of the portafilter, the Espresso Dosing Funnel increases the height of your portafilter, helping to avoid overspray from the grinder.


Made from die-cast aluminium in a matte black finish. 

Please note: The in-built grinder on the Breville Barista Express & some other Breville/Delonghi models does not have enough clearance to allow for use of this product due to the tapering on the grinder shoot. 


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