Shott Syrup 1L

Shott Syrup 1L Range

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Shott Syrup 1L - VanillaShott Syrup 1L - CaramelShott Syrup 1L - Salted CaramelShott Syrup 1L - ButterscotchShott Syrup 1L - GingerbreadShott Syrup 1L - ChocolateShott Syrup 1L - Dark ChocolateShott Syrup 1L - CoconutShott Syrup 1L - Gomme (Sugar Syrup)Shott Syrup 1L - Spiced PumpkinShott Syrup 1L Range

Add a special SHOTT of flavour to your coffee, hot chocolate, smoothie, shake, cocktail or dessert.

Now available: NEW Dark Chocolate flavour. Made with a deluxe blend of Swiss chocolate and Dutch cocoa powder, this syrup is naturally thick and rich. 

1L bottles

Made in NZ

Note: if you are transitioning from the 750ml bottles to the 1L bottles, you will need to update your pump to match as well. 



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