Urban Blends Matcha Green Tea Latte

Urban Blends - Matcha Latte 200g

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Urban Blends - Matcha Latte 200gUrban Blends - Matcha Latte 500g

This unique blend from Urban Blends ticks the boxes with Matcha enthusiasts who love its wealth of antioxidants. Caramel overtones surround and balance a traditional Matcha centre, producing a velvety smooth drink; a hint of sweetness with a mildly bitter edge.

Ingredients: Coconut Blossom Sugar, Matcha, Cinnamon

Vegan friendly, gluten free & dairy free

Available in 2 sizes:

NEW 200g, previously 150g, for the same great price! (approx 20 serves) or 500g (approx 50 servings)

Urban Blends have rebranded! New packaging, more product in the smaller pack for the same price and the same great tasting ingredients that they've always had.



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