Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Compact & precise scales, the perfect addition to your brewing setup.



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Compact and precise, the Wacaco Exagram coffee scale is the perfect addition to your coffee setup.

Accurate weight measurement helps you to dial-in espresso with convenience and ensure repeatability, shot after shot. The built-in timer function gives you complete control of your brewing process, whether it's espresso or pour-over that you prefer. Pocket-size, the scale fits most brewing devices and espresso machine trays. Equipped with a silicone pad the stainless steel top surface is well protected from heat transfer and liquid spilling. 

Dimensions: 124mm (l) x 77mm (w) x 24mm (h)
Range: 0.3g - 2kg
Accuracy: 0.3g - 999.9g = 0.1g
              1kg - 2kg = 1g
Max count time: 29 minutes & 59 seconds
Backlit LCD (auto dims after 90 seconds)

*2x AAA batteries not included