Winter Warmers

  • 29 June 2018
  • Ange Spori



Waking up this morning was COLD with capitals, and not my favourite time of the year.  There are however some great things about Winter that can only be enjoyed now…. Sun glancing off the snow-capped mountain range (in the distance is a personal preference), lighting and sitting next to the fire whilst sipping a nice well bodied red wine, and the overall looking forward to Spring.  If ever there was a season to anticipate Spring is the one. 

During Winter walking into a warm inviting café and ordering up your favourite hot drink has got to be up there too.  With such an immense range to choose from we are spoilt for choice.  Teas have come a long way since café’s started popping out pots of, coffee is now so complex it baffles many – flat white, who can go wrong, and the new comer to the game….. lattes in all colours.  Yellow, red, green, white, it’s sounding a bit like a world cup game of football!

Chai Lattes started simply like most things do and it has expanded into this wonderful array of flavours, colours and scents.  Urban Blends has been a game changer here first introducing the Turmeric Latte, often known as a Golden Latte, and have branched into the Beetroot, Raw Spiced, White Cacao, and Matcha.  Problem is they are all so good it’s hard to choose.   Lactose intolerant, not a problem, much of the range is Dairy Free as is the Soy Latte from Café King.  Gluten Intolerant is easier still with the Urban Blends range as most of it caters for this condition.  

A firm favourite that cannot be forgotten though is the beautiful rich warming flavour of Hot Chocolate.  Our Cioco Delice from Caffe Molinari is both smooth and rich.  Combine this with a tall mug or glass and you have the perfect hand and heart warmer.  Just for something different again instead of popping a dollop of Baileys in the Hot Choccy, try a mixing in some of the Beetroot Latte.  This is a delightful mix of good and bad with a fantastic flavour, sometimes known as a Red Velvet drink. 

So ask your favourite café to start experimenting today (give them our details for ideas!), or start making these at home.  You only need hot steamed milk and there are a number of milk gadgets around today meaning if you don’t have a machine to steam there are plenty of options available to create your winter warmer masterpieces.

However you like your hot drink you must admit it never tastes as good at any other time of the year!



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