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Bialetti Replacement Funnel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel

Replacement aluminium funnel suitable for Bialetti aluminium stovetops.

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Bialetti Moka Induction Bi-Layer Funnel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Moka Induction Bi-Layer

Replacement funnels suited for the Bialetti Moka Induction Bi-Layer Stovetop.


Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Stainless Steel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Stainless Steel

Replacement stainless steel funnel suitable for Bialetti stovetops.


Bialetti Replacement Handle

Bialetti Replacement Handle

Replacement handle suitable for Bialetti Moka Express stovetops.


Bialetti Seal & Filter Pack - New

Bialetti Seal and Filter Pack - Aluminium Version

Suitable for Bialetti Aluminium Stovetops.


Bialetti Seal & Filter Pack - Stainless Steel

Bialetti Seal and Filter Pack - Stainless Steel Version

Suitable for Bialetti Stainless Steel Stovetops.


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