Chai Lattes

A range of blended lattes to keep you warm this winter. 

Latte Lovers Starter Pack

Latte Lovers Starter Pack

Everything you need to get started with making your own spiced lattes in a handy little kit. Includes options for Chai, Matcha & Turmeric Lattes.


Sunhouse Turmeric Masala Chai

Sunhouse Turmeric Masala Chai

Sticky chai blend made from certified organic ingredients. Available in Honey or Vegan blend.

From $24.00$19.00

Urban Blends - Vegan Spice Chai 200g

Urban Blends Vegan Spice Chai

A must for spice lovers, and lovers of Chai. Previously called Raw Spiced Chai.

From $15.00

Urban Blends - Matcha Latte 200g

Urban Blends Matcha Green Tea Latte

The Matcha Green Tea Drink we have been waiting for. Available in 200g jar or 500g bag.

From $19.00

Urban Blends - Beetroot Latte in a coffee cup

Urban Blends Pink Beetroot Latte

A smooth velvety mix of coconut sugar, beetroot powder and Sri Lankan spices. Available in a 150g jar or a 500g resealable bag.

From $15.00

Urban Blends - Turmeric Latte served in a coffee cup

Urban Blends Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte - the hottest new drink on the market!

From $15.00

Cafe King Chai Latte

Cafe King Chai Powder

A smooth blend of 5 spices providing the ultimate Chai latte experience. Available in 3 different blends, and 2 sizes - 200g or 1kg.

From $9.50