Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Compact & precise scales, the perfect addition to your brewing setup.


Picopresso with smooth case standing upright behind it


The newest espresso maker by Wacaco, this hand-held machine will exceed your expectations for a great shot of espresso.


Cuppamoka Paper Filters - 100 pack

Cuppamoka Paper Filters

A pack of 100 natural paper filters designed to perfectly fit the Cuppamoka.


Wacaco Cuppamoka


A compact and lightweight portable pour-over coffee maker.


Wacaco Barista Towel

Barista Towel

A perfect size towel for taking care of your Nanopresso or Minipresso on the go.


Nanopresso Nespresso Capsule Adaptor

Nanopresso NS Adaptor

An adaptor to enable your Nanopresso to take Nespresso(R) capsules.


Wacaco Octaroma Lungo Thermo Mug - Full Range

Octaroma Lungo Thermo Mug

A premium vacuum insulated mug by Wacaco. 300ml capacity. Available in 5 colours.


Nanopresso Journey - Spring Run

Nanopresso - Journey Range

Wacaco's smallest coffee makers in all new styles designed by French designer/artist SteF.


Nanopresso Barista Kit

Nanopresso Barista Kit

A set of accessories to expand the Nanopresso's brewing capabilities.


Wacaco Nanovessel


An insulated flask compatible with Nanopresso. 210ml capacity.


Wacaco Minipresso

Minipresso NS

Minipresso NS is a great choice to quickly and efficiently enjoy delicious espresso wherever you are. Compatible with Nespresso capsules.


Nanopresso Elements - Lava Red


The smallest edition to Wacaco's range of coffee makers. This hand-held espresso machine is easy to use and convenient to carry.


Wacaco Pipamoka


Brew quality coffee in under 2 minutes with this vacuum pressure brewer by Wacaco.