Milk Jugs, Tampers & More

All of your espresso-making accessories in one place.

Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scales with Timer

Joe Frex Digital Coffee Scales with Timer

Accurate digital scales with in-built timer function.


Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Wacaco Exagram Coffee Scales

Compact & precise scales, the perfect addition to your brewing setup.


ROK Oak Tamper

ROK Oak Tamper

A perfectly designed tamper for the ROK Espresso GC.


Barista & Co Cocoa Stencils

Barista & Co Cocoa Stencils

Bring a smile to someone's face with a fun cocoa or cinnamon stencil.


Barista & Co Shorty Milk Jug - Steel

Barista & Co Shorty Milk Jugs

A stainless steel milk pitcher with unique handle-less design.


Professional Coffee Scales

Professional Coffee Scales

Digital precision coffee scales that are perfect for small batch roasting & all methods of brewing.


Flair Fitted Carrying Case

Flair Fitted Carrying Case

Flair Espresso original carrying case designed to fit the Flair Neo, Signature Series or Classic.


Cafelat Espresso Rubber Wood Tamper

Cafelat Espresso Rubber Wood Tamper

A basic and economical espresso tamper with Rubber Wood handle. 58mm


ROK Naked Portafilter

ROK Naked Portafilter

A bottomless portafilter perfectly designed to fit the ROK Espresso GC.


Cuisena Milk Thermometer - 27mm

Cuisena Milk Thermometer

Milk thermometer by Cuisena. Available in 2 sizes.

From $16.99

Espresso Dosing Funnel

Espresso Dosing Funnel

Reduce coffee waste with an Espresso Dosing Funnel, available in 3 sizes.


Wacaco Barista Towel

Barista Towel

A perfect size towel for taking care of your Nanopresso or Minipresso on the go.


Aluminium Tamper 53mm

Joe Frex Aluminium Tamper 53mm

53mm coffee tamper made from food grade aluminium.


Technic Tamper - Black

Joe Frex Technic Tamper

Adjustable Dynamo-metric click release tamper for consistent results.


Joe Frex Barista Professional Milk Jug

Joe Frex Milk Jug - Quality

The Joe Frex Professional Milk Jug. Available in 3 sizes.

From $39.10

Joe Frex Milk Thermometer

Joe Frex Milk Thermometer

The Joe Frex Easy Steam Milk Thermometer features a 2 degree face plate for precise readings.


Joe Frex Elegance Tamper - Walnut

Joe Frex Elegance Tamper

Solid, warm, dependable. Available in a range of base sizes.


Joe Frex Pop Tamper Range

Joe Frex Pop Tamper

Pop some colour into your coffee making with these tampers from Joe Frex. Available in a range of base sizes.


Joe Frex Level Tamper - Stainless Steel

Joe Frex Level Tamper

Take the guess work away! This level ensures a perfect flat level tamp every time. Available in 2 styles

From $149.50

Joe Frex Milk Jug Coloured Green

Joe Frex Coloured Milk Jugs

Easy to use and hard wearing solid milk jugs from Joe Frex. A range of sizes and colours available.

From $40.90

Joe Frex Milk Jug 590ml

Joe Frex Milk Jug

Easy steaming and great pouring stainless steel milk jugs in a range of sizes.

From $9.99

Joe Frex Tamping Mat Flat

Joe Frex Tamping Mat Flat

A classic tamping mat made from food-safe silicone.


Joe Frex Corner Tamping Mat

Joe Frex Corner Tamping Mat

A tamping mat for Home or Cafe designed to protect your benchtop from damage.


Barista & Co Core Milk Jug - Copper

Barista & Co Core Milk Jugs

Absolutely stunning milk jugs, perfect for home, from the Barista & Co range.

From $38.00

Crema Pro Milk Thermometer

Crema Pro Milk Thermometer

Easy to read Stainless Steel Milk Thermometer with a clip for easy attachment to all milk jugs.


Ascaso Tamper 57mm

Ascaso 57mm Tamper

Designed to fit all Ascaso Espresso machines with a 57mm Group Head.


Motta Milk Jug

Motta Milk Jug

The Motta milk pitcher, or jug is a serious piece of kit! Ideal for the home barista this jug has the weight, shape, finish and spout to produce dynamite milk and latte art.


Cafelat XT Tamper with Mirror Finish

Cafelat XT Tamper

A precision built tamper designed to be adjustable to suit the hand size of the Barista. 58mm.


Bialetti Tutto Crema 8cm - New

Bialetti Tuttocrema

Bialetti’s Tuttocrema distinguishes itself on the market as the only milk frother that can be placed directly on your stovetop for heating. Available in 2 practical sizes.

From $79.99$69.99

Cafelat Royal Tamper Red

Cafelat Royal Tamper

A stainless steel based tamper. So-called because of the "crown" on the top, the Royal is our premium tamper featuring a combination of different materials.


Cafelat Pillar Tamper Orange

Cafelat Pillar Tamper

It not only looks funky but has a really great feel in the hand and the vertical ridges provide an easy grip.


Cafelat Tamping Mat Splat - Brown

Cafelat Tamping Mat Splat

Corner tamp mat with a difference! Available in brown or black