Kinto Fog Wide Mug Dark Grey

Kinto Fog Wide Mugs

The same timeless design as the original Fog Mugs with a wider mouth. 320ml


Kinto Sepia Mugs in use

Kinto Sepia Mug

Glass mugs designed for a comfortable drinking experience. 340ml


Kinto Cast Cafe Latte Mug

Kinto Cast Cafe Latte Mug

Simple glass mugs in a nostalgic amber hue. 430ml


Kinto Oct Jug - 300ml

Kinto Oct Jugs

The perfect companion to Kinto's range of pour over brewers. 300ml or 600ml

From $29.90

Kinto Oct Mug

Kinto Oct Mug

Stylish and sleek, the Oct Mug will add a touch of class to your morning coffee routine. 300ml


Kinto SCS Pour Over Brewer in action

Kinto SCS Pour Over Brewer

An over cup brewer for lovers of refined design and slow coffee. 2 sizes and 2 colours available.

From $44.90

Kinto Fog Mugs with glass carafe

Kinto Fog Mugs

Timeless and sophisticated design make these mugs a stunning addition to any coffee table.


Kinto Unitea One Touch Teapot 460ml & 720ml

Kinto Unitea One Touch Teapot

Let your leaf tea loose with these infuser-free teapots.

From $59.90

Kinto Stacking Mugs

Kinto SCS Stacking Mugs

Sturdy & stackable, these mugs are perfect for admirers of minimal design.


Kinto Oct Cup & Saucer Set

Kinto Oct Cup & Saucer Set

Subtle details and clean lines make these cups a dream to drink from. 220ml


Kinto Cafe Press Mug Range

Kinto Cafe Press Mug

Form & function meet to create this stylish travel press. Perfect for the office or as a gift.


Kinto Oct Brewer

Kinto Oct Brewer

Part of Kinto's OCT range, these brewers are a sleek addition to your morning coffee set up. Available in 2 sizes

From $44.90

Kinto Coffee Filter inside a 2 cup white ceramic brewer sitting on top of a white ceramic mug. There is a spare packet of filters in the background

Kinto SCS Filters

Fine grade coffee filters made from cotton linter pulp & wood pulp. 2 sizes available

From $11.95

Kinto SCS Tankard Mug - 330ml - Iron

Kinto SCS Tankard Mugs

Strong & stable mugs inspired by the Earth. Available in 2 sizes & 2 colours.

From $32.90

Kinto SCS Coast Mugs

Kinto SCS Coast Mugs

Enjoy your coffee break in style with a beautifully hand-finished porcelain mug.


Kinto Carat Coffee Dripper Set

Kinto Carat Dripper Set

Stainless steel & heat-resistant glass complement the elegance of Kinto's Carat Dripper Set.


Kinto Brass Brewer Stand Set

Kinto SCS Brass Brewer Set

Enjoy the ritual of coffee brewing with Kinto's Slow Coffee Style Brewer Set.