Spare Parts

Flair Fitted Carrying Case

Flair Fitted Carrying Case

Flair Espresso original carrying case designed to fit the Flair Neo, Signature Series or Classic.


Joe Frex Stainless Steel AeroPress Filter

Joe Frex Stainless Steel AeroPress Filter

A reusable filter for use with the AeroPress and AeroPress Go.


Cuppamoka Paper Filters - 100 pack

Cuppamoka Paper Filters

A pack of 100 natural paper filters designed to perfectly fit the Cuppamoka.


ROK Naked Portafilter

ROK Naked Portafilter

A bottomless portafilter perfectly designed to fit the ROK Espresso GC.


Soma Replacement Filters

Soma Replacement Filters

Replacement filters for the Soma Filtered Pitcher & Soma Glass Carafe. 2 pack.


Nanopresso Nespresso Capsule Adaptor

Nanopresso NS Adaptor

An adaptor to enable your Nanopresso to take Nespresso(R) capsules.


Cuisena Trivet - 2 pack

Cuisena Trivet

Perfect for making it possible to use smaller items on your gas cooktop.


Giannini Tua Handle & Knob Kit - Scottish

Giannini Tua Handle & Knob Kit

Kits with a replacement handle & knob. Available in multiple colours.


Giannini Tua Seal Kit

Giannini Tua Seal Kit

Replacement seal kit for Giannini Tua 6 cup Stovetop.


ROK GC Conversion Kit

ROK GC Conversion Kit

A four-part pressure chamber conversion kit to upgrade or refresh any ROK or Presso espresso machine.


Bialetti Replacement Handle

Bialetti Replacement Handle

Replacement handle suitable for Bialetti Moka Express stovetops.


Technivorm Moccamaster Filters

Technivorm Moccamaster Filters

Paper filters designed to fit the Technivorm Moccamaster.


Icon Chef Filter with Carafe

Icon Chef Reusable Mesh Filter

An eco-friendly and reusable coffee filter to fit 2-4 cup pour overs.


AeroPress Replacement Seal

AeroPress Replacement Seal

Genuine replacement seal for the AeroPress & AeroPress GO


Bialetti Replacement Funnel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel

Replacement aluminium funnel suitable for Bialetti aluminium stovetops.

From $12.95

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Stainless Steel

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Stainless Steel

Replacement stainless steel funnel suitable for Bialetti stovetops.



Jura CLARIS Water Filter Cartridge

CLARIS provides the ideal water quality for the perfect speciality coffees.


Bodum Replacement Cross Plate

Bodum Replacement Cross Plate

2 sizes available.

From $15.95

Pezzetti SteelExpress Stainless Steel replacement seal and filter kit

Pezzetti SteelExpress Seal & Filter Kit

Suitable for Pezzetti Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Makers.


Pezzetti Replacement Seal & Filter Kit - all sizes available

Pezzetti ItalExpress Seal & Filter Kit

Suitable for Pezzetti Aluminium Stovetop Coffee Makers.


Able Brewing Metal Disk Filter for Aeropress

AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter

A Metal Filter for AeroPress by Able Brewing.


Ascaso Steel Duo Pro Head Seal Pre 2009

Head Seal for Ascaso Duo Pro

Group head seal to fit the Ascaso Steel Duo Pro machines


Aeropress Micro-Filters - 350 pack

AeroPress Paper Filters

350 paper micro filters for the mighty AeroPress coffee maker.


Commercial Coffee Filter papers

Commercial Paper Filters

Flat bottomed conical coffee paper filters. Pack of 250.


Wooden Replacement Knockbox Bar

Replacement Wooden Knockbin Bar - Commercial

This replacement wooden bar is suitable for all our commercial dumpboxes.


Ascaso Single Non-Pressurised Filter Basket

Ascaso Single Non-Pressurised Filter Basket

Suits the Dream, Arc, Basic, Elipse, & Uno Steel models.


Ascaso 57mm Portafilter Standard

Ascaso Portafilter 57mm

Designed for use with Ascaso Basic, Dream, or Uno Espresso Machines


Ascaso Pod Filter Basket No.1

Ascaso Pod Filterbasket

A universal pod-style filter basket that works with a variety of espresso machines.


Ascaso Double Non-Pressurised Basket

Ascaso Double Non-Pressurised Filter Basket

Suits the Dream, Arc, Basic, Elipse, & Uno Special models.


Ascaso Steam Wand Silicone Seal

Ascaso Steam Wand Seal

The small Silicone seal for the steam wand on most Ascaso Coffee Machines.


Ascaso Head Seal - Versatile

Ascaso Head Seal - Versatile

This o-ring is the gasket for Ascaso Espresso Machines that have pod capabilities.


Ascaso Conversion Kit - Grinds to Pods

Ascaso Brew Head Conversion Kit

Set your machine up for your ideal coffee - Grinds or Pods. Kits available for various machines.


Compact Design Large Knockbox Replacement Rubber

Replacement Rubber for Compact Design Knockbin

Replacement Rubber sleeve for Compact Designs Knock boxes.


Bodum Spare Mesh

Bodum Replacement Coffee Plunger Mesh

Made of 18/10 Stainless steel. Sizes to Fit all Bodum 3, 4, 8 and 12 cup French Press/Plunger coffee makers.

From $10.95

Resin Water Filter for Coffee Machines

Water Filter

An in tank resin water filter for your domestic coffee machine. Suitable for most machines.


Blind Filter for back flushing 57mm

Blind Filter 57mm

This stainless steel blind filter for back flushing will fit most domestic coffee machines with a 57mm group head.


Blind filter for back flushing 58mm

Blind Filter 58mm

This stainless steel blind filter for back flushing will fit most commercial and semi-domestic coffee machines with a 58mm group head.


Ascaso Dream Head Seal

Head Seal (Gasket) for Ascaso Dream

Group head seal to fit the 'Ascaso Dream'.


Bottomless Portafilter 58mm

Naked (or Bottomless) Portafilter 58mm

The Bottomless, or Naked Portafilter lets you get up close and personal with your extraction. The ultimate way to see all the action, and perfect your technique. Fits any E61 group type machine.


Cafelat Replacement Bar for Tubbi Knockbox

Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox Replacement Bar

A new replacement bar in 2 sizes for the Tubbi (small or large) and the Cafelat Knockbox (now discontinued).

From $15.95

Handpresso Intense Portafilter

Handpresso Intense Portafilter

For a real Ristretto!


Bodum Spare Glass - 1.5L

Bodum Spare Glass

Replacement glass beaker with spout in various sizes.

From $21.50

Bialetti Seal & Filter Pack - Stainless Steel

Bialetti Seal and Filter Pack - Stainless Steel Version

Suitable for Bialetti Stainless Steel Stovetops.


Bialetti Seal & Filter Pack - New

Bialetti Seal and Filter Pack - Aluminium Version

Suitable for Bialetti Aluminium Stovetops.