Cups & Glasses

Add some flare to your home or travel in style with our range of cups & glasses.

Guzzini Tiffany Low Tumbler - Colour Range

Guzzini Tiffany Low Tumbler

Quality Italian made acrylic make these tumblers perfect for serving drinks at an outdoor meal or in the spa pool.


Costa Nova Grespresso Latte Bowls

Costa Nova Latte Bowls

A set of 4 fine stoneware latte bowls.


Invino Highball Iced Coffee Glass

Invino Crystal Iced Coffee Glass

Highball iced coffee glasses made in Italy using lead-free crystal.


Kinto SCS Tankard Mug - 330ml - Iron

Kinto SCS Tankard Mugs

Strong & stable mugs inspired by the Earth. Available in 2 sizes & 2 colours.

From $32.90

Kinto SCS Coast Mugs

Kinto SCS Coast Mugs

Enjoy your coffee break in style with a beautifully hand-finished porcelain mug.


Costa Nova Mug 350ml - White

Costa Nova Mug

Fine stoneware mugs inspired by the natural world. 350ml


Costa Nova Livia Mug

Costa Nova Livia Mug

A stout fine stoneware mug with a sturdy handle. Handcrafted in Portugal.


HuskeeCup 4 Pack - Natural

HuskeeCup - 4 Pack

The ethical way to keep your coffee hotter for longer. Now available in a pack of 4.

From $85.00

Zero Japan Teacup 120ml - Blue White

Zero Japan Teacup

Beautiful handcrafted teacups available in 4 colours. 120ml


Wacaco Octaroma Lungo Thermo Mug - Full Range

Octaroma Lungo Thermo Mug

A premium vacuum insulated mug by Wacaco. 300ml capacity. Available in 5 colours.


Espresso Gift Box Example

Costa Nova Grespresso Gift Box

Fine stoneware cups by Costa Nova, now available in a gift box of 8. Made in Portugal.

From $119.99

Alice in Coffeeland - Cappuccino

Caffe Molinari 'Alice in Coffeeland' Collection Cups

Special edition cups in a collection set of 6. Available in 2 sizes.

From $110.00

Wacaco Nanovessel


An insulated flask compatible with Nanopresso. 210ml capacity.


Costa Nova Grespresso Range

Costa Nova Grespresso Collection

Fine stoneware cups by Costa Nova. Available in 2 sizes. Made in Portugal.

From $12.95

Zero Japan Matcha Bowl - White

Zero Japan Matcha Bowl

A beautiful hand made ceramic Matcha bowl from Zero Japan.


Queens Couture Jupiter Mugs

Queens Couture Jupiter Mugs

Fine China mugs by Queens Couture. 310ml


Queens Couture - Butterflies

Queens Couture Squash Mugs

Fine China mugs by Queens Couture. 400ml


Ulster Weaver Mugs - Darjeeling Yellow

Ulster Weaver Straight Sided Mugs

Classic straight sided mugs available in 3 designs.


Queens Earth Mugs - Full Range

Queens Earth Mugs

Fine Bone China mugs in a range of designs. 340ml

From $14.50$12.50

Hidden World Mug - Long Life

Hidden World Elizabeth Mugs

Fine bone china mugs inspired by the Japanese Kimono Sash (obi). 287ml


Lotta Mug - Yellow

Lotta Mugs

Fine china mugs. Multiple colours available. 350ml


Bodum Bistro Double Wall Thermo-Glass Mugs

Bodum Bistro Glass Mugs

Lightweight, clear to the eye and smooth to the touch, these chic espresso cups fit neatly and comfortably into your hand.


KeepCup Brew Cork - Features

KeepCup Brew Cork

The perfect on the go vessel, now in glass with a cork grip. Barista standard sizes.

From $29.50

Clima Bottle by 24Bottles

Clima Bottle by 24Bottles

Clima Bottle is the stainless steel, reusable and insulated bottle which keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.Sweat-free and perfect size for your comfortable daily hydration.


Costa Nova Lagoa Cup and Saucer Set

Costa Nova Lagoa Cup & Saucer

Stunning stoneware ceramics with exceptional durability. Available in espresso or tea/flat white sizes.

From $29.00

Zero Japan Tumbler - Pink

Zero Japan Tumbler

Hand crafted ceramic tumbler, made for the perfect pour. Can be used for hot or cold. 340ml


KeepCup Thermal Range

KeepCup Thermal

Designed for lasting drinking pleasure on the go. Splashproof, replaces the function of a disposable cup.

From $44.50

Espresso Cup Set - Pop Art

Bialetti Espresso Cup Set - 4 Piece

This unique set contains four porcelain espresso cups and matching saucers in a beautiful gift box.

From $39.95

Bialetti Mug 250ml - Lichtenstein

Bialetti Lichtenstein Mug

These porcelain mugs holds 250ml of delicious coffee and are available in 2 great designs.


Kambukka 500ml - Midnight

Kambukka Etna 3-in-1 Snapclean Travel Mug

Reduce your impact with spill proof travel mugs designed to fit under a coffee machine. Available in 2 sizes.

From $49.99

HuskeeCup - available in 6oz, 8oz, or 12oz in Natural or Charcoal


From Husk to Cup - the ethical way to keep your coffee hotter for longer. Available in 3 sizes.

From $23.00

Queens Couture Crush Mugs

Queens Couture Crush Mugs

These popular mugs come in a range of exotic bird patterns, making a funky and bold statement. 500ml


KeepCup Original XS - Adonis

KeepCup Original XS & XXS

For people who love a smaller coffee, who care about the environment and who appreciate good design!

From $13.95

notNeutral Lino Espresso Cup & Saucer 89ml (3oz) Black

notNeutral Lino Cup & Saucer

Meticulous design with both commercial customers and consumers in mind.

From $31.50

KeepCup LongPlay - Scarlet

KeepCup LongPlay

Keep your coffee warmer longer with the twin walled cup.

From $36.50

Zero Japan Mug - Current Range

Zero Japan Mug

Hand crafted ceramic mug by Zero Japan. Available in 2 sizes and various colours.

From $14.95

Libby Gibraltar Latte Glass 296ml

Caffe Latte Glasses

A classic style for latte connoisseurs. 296ml makes it the perfect size for your morning or afternoon coffee.


Caffe Molinari Cherie - Macchiato

Caffe Molinari Cherie Cup & Saucers

Glass coffee cups & saucers. Available in 3 sizes.


Caffe Molinari Latte Glass 370ml

Caffe Molinari Caffe Latte Glass

Caffe Latte glass with the 'Molinari' Logo. 370ml.


Ascaso Love is in the Air Cup & Saucer Sets

Ascaso Love is in the Air Cup & Saucer

These Ascaso coffee cup and saucer sets are available in both the espresso tulip size or the long black/flat white tulip.


Bodum Pavina Glass with Silicone Band 350ml Black

Bodum Pavina Glass 350ml (set of 2)

The Pavina glass with Silicone Band in a set of 2 can be used for anything, hot or cold.


Contigo Westloop - Dark Plum

Contigo Westloop Autoseal Mug

Stainless Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid that seals automatically.


KeepCup Description

KeepCup Brew

The perfect on the go vessel, now in glass with a silicone band. Barista standard sizes.

From $27.50

KeepCup Original - Doppio

KeepCup Original

For people who love coffee, who care about the environment and who appreciate good design!

From $17.95

Rockingham Range

Rockingham Cups & Saucers

Italian Style Cups and Mugs made of Porcelain. Designed especially for cafes & coffee aficionados, these classic Italian style cups are a great choice for your home or workplace.

From $12.00

d'Ancap Verona Coloured Handle Cappucino Cup & Saucer

d'Ancap Verona Cappuccino Cup & Saucer with Coloured Handles

A classic shaped cup and saucer with your choice of Black, Red, or Orange handles. 190ml


Double Walled Glass 80ml

Bodum Double Walled Glasses - Set of Two

Available in 3 versatile sizes these double walled (insulated) glasses are great for either hot or cold drinks. Talk about serving in style!

From $24.90

Rockingham Mug Range

Rockingham Cafe Mugs

Italian Styled Mugs made of hard wearing commercial grade Porcelain. All in the funky bright colours Rockingham is reknown for. 380ml


Ascaso for Coffee Lovers Cups

Ascaso for Coffee Lovers Cup & Saucer

These Ascaso coffee cup and saucer sets are available in both the espresso tulip size or the long black/flat white tulip.

From $15.00

d'Ancap Mimi Cup White 185ml

d'Ancap Mimi Cup

What on earth is a Mimì…… it can be anything you want. The Mimi is a cappuccino cup which is the creation of Maurizio Duranti and is VERY different, but absolutely stunning to hold and drink from.


Molinari Plastic Domed Lid for Takeaway Cups

Molinari Plastic Takeaway Cup Lid

Takeaway Cup lid designed to fit Molinari Takeaway Paper Cups.

From $3.95

Uni Lid White

Uni Lid for Takeaway Coffee Cups

A universal domed lid to fit both the 285ml and the 355ml Black Takeaway Cups

From $13.00

Black 285ml Takeaway Cup

Black Takeaway Paper Cup

A generic double walled paper takeaway cup available with a fitted lid (sold separately) and in 2 sizes.

From $6.90

Molinari Takeaway Coffee Cup

Molinari Takeaway Coffee Cups

Caffe Molinari Art Deco designed takeaway paper cups in various sizes.

From $8.65

Handpresso Outdoor Cups

Handpresso Outdoor Cups

Box of 2 unbreakable cups.


d'Ancap Torino Cappuccino/Tea 160ml

d'Ancap Torino Cup and Saucer

A classic cup with a twist. Available in a two sizes to suit your drinking needs.

From $10.50$5.25