Pezzetti by Ghidini - Vivid Colour, Italian Style, Great Coffee, what more can you ask for?

Pezzetti SteelExpress Stainless Steel replacement seal and filter kit

Pezzetti SteelExpress Seal & Filter Kit

Suitable for Pezzetti Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Makers.


Pezzetti Replacement Seal & Filter Kit - all sizes available

Pezzetti ItalExpress Seal & Filter Kit

Suitable for Pezzetti Aluminium Stovetop Coffee Makers.


Pezzetti BelleExpress Induction Stovetop - Orange

Pezzetti BellExpress Stovetop

Needing an induction suitable coffee maker but wanting a little colour in your life too? Look no further!

From $56.90

Prezzetti SteelExpress Induction Stovetop - Grey Enamel

Pezzetti SteelExpress Induction Espresso Maker

A sleek & stylish compact stovetop coffee maker from Pezzetti.

From $66.50

Pezzetti ItalExpress - Teal Blue

Pezzetti ItalExpress Stovetop Coffee Makers

Finding the traditional Moka pot a little dull? Check the Pezzetti Moka range for your favourite colour

From $45.50