Italian Style Cups and Mugs made of quality Porcelain. Designed especially for cafes & coffee aficionados, these classic Italian style cups are a great choice for your home or work establishment.


Rockingham Tea Strainer with Drip Basket

Rockingham Tea Strainer

Stainless steel tea strainer with included drip basket.


Rockingham Tea Tongs

Rockingham Tea Tongs

The perfect gift for the tea drinker in your life.


Turkish Boiler - 355ml / 12oz

Turkish Boiler - Ibrik Coffee Maker

Turkish Ibrik from Rockingham made of durable stainless steel with a heavy base so will not retain tastes and odours.

From $27.60

Rockingham Mug Range

Rockingham Cafe Mugs

Italian Styled Mugs made of hard wearing commercial grade Porcelain. All in the funky bright colours Rockingham is reknown for. 380ml