Milk Jugs

Joe Frex Barista Professional Milk Jug

Joe Frex Milk Jug - Quality

The Joe Frex Professional Milk Jug. Available in 3 sizes.

From $39.10

Joe Frex Milk Jug Coloured Green

Joe Frex Coloured Milk Jugs

Easy to use and hard wearing solid milk jugs from Joe Frex. A range of sizes and colours available.

From $40.90

Joe Frex Milk Jug 590ml

Joe Frex Milk Jug

Easy steaming and great pouring stainless steel milk jugs in a range of sizes.

From $22.90

Barista & Co Core Milk Jug - Copper

Barista & Co Core Milk Jugs

Absolutely stunning milk jugs, perfect for home, from the Barista & Co range.

From $38.00

Motta Milk Jug

Motta Milk Jug

The Motta milk pitcher, or jug is a serious piece of kit! Ideal for the home barista this jug has the weight, shape, finish and spout to produce dynamite milk and latte art.