Cafelat Espresso Rubber Wood Tamper

Cafelat Espresso Rubber Wood Tamper

A basic and economical espresso tamper with Rubber Wood handle. 58mm


ROK Tamper 49.7mm

ROK Tamper

The perfect size tamper for your ROK Espresso Maker.


Joe Frex Elegance Tamper - Walnut

Joe Frex Elegance Tamper

Solid, warm, dependable. Available in a range of base sizes.


Joe Frex Pop Tamper Range

Joe Frex Pop Tamper

Pop some colour into your coffee making with these tampers from Joe Frex. Available in a range of base sizes.


Joe Frex Level Tamper - Stainless Steel

Joe Frex Level Tamper

Take the guess work away! This level ensures a perfect flat level tamp every time. Available in 2 styles

From $149.50

Ascaso Tamper 57mm

Ascaso 57mm Tamper

Designed to fit all Ascaso Espresso machines with a 57mm Group Head.


Cafelat XT Tamper with Mirror Finish

Cafelat XT Tamper

A precision built tamper designed to be adjustable to suit the hand size of the Barista. 58mm.


Cafelat Royal Tamper Red

Cafelat Royal Tamper

A stainless steel based tamper. So-called because of the "crown" on the top, the Royal is our premium tamper featuring a combination of different materials.


Cafelat Pillar Tamper Orange

Cafelat Pillar Tamper

It not only looks funky but has a really great feel in the hand and the vertical ridges provide an easy grip.