Kinto Unitea One Touch Teapot 460ml & 720ml

Kinto Unitea One Touch Teapot

Let your leaf tea loose with these infuser-free teapots.

From $59.90

Zero Japan Teacup 120ml - Blue White

Zero Japan Teacup

Beautiful handcrafted teacups available in 4 colours. 120ml


Joe Frex Tea Box

Joe Frex Tea Box

A wooden tea storage box with six separate compartments.


Tea Infuser with Spring-Loaded Handle

Cuisena Mesh Tea Infuser

Stainless Steel mesh tea infusers. 2 styles available.


Bevande Teapot - Raven

Bevande Teapot

Durable porcelain teapots with stainless steel tea infuser. 2 sizes available.


Typhoon Monochrome Storage Range

Typhoon Monochrome Storage Canister

The Monochrome range by Typhoon features bold colour blocks of grey, black and white with distinctive patterns across the pieces.


Rockingham Tea Strainer with Drip Basket

Rockingham Tea Strainer

Stainless steel tea strainer with included drip basket.


Rockingham Tea Tongs

Rockingham Tea Tongs

The perfect gift for the tea drinker in your life.


Zero Japan Matcha Bowl - White

Zero Japan Matcha Bowl

A beautiful hand made ceramic Matcha bowl from Zero Japan.


Hidden World Mug - Long Life

Hidden World Elizabeth Mugs

Fine bone china mugs inspired by the Japanese Kimono Sash (obi). 287ml


Lotta Mug - Yellow

Lotta Mugs

Fine china mugs. Multiple colours available. 350ml


Bodum Bistro Double Wall Thermo-Glass Mugs

Bodum Bistro Glass Mugs

Lightweight, clear to the eye and smooth to the touch, these chic espresso cups fit neatly and comfortably into your hand.


Zero Japan Teapot - 450ml Cherry

Zero Japan Teapots

The perfect brewing balance of design and function. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

From $52.50

Hario Bona Tea & Coffee Canister 200g

Hario Bona Tea & Coffee Canister

Keeping it fresh! Great for either tea or coffee. 100g or 200g available.


Althaus Storage Tins for Loose Tea - Product Display

Althaus Storage Tin for Loose Tea

An essential for tea storage. Available in 2 sizes.

From $8.00

Bodum New Yo-Yo Tea Strainer - Stainless Steel

Bodum Yo-Yo Tea Strainer - Stainless Steel

Tea making made simple.


Zero Japan Mug - Current Range

Zero Japan Mug

Hand crafted ceramic mug by Zero Japan. Available in various colours. 200ml


Bodum Pavina Glass with Silicone Band 350ml Black

Bodum Pavina Glass 350ml (set of 2)

The Pavina glass with Silicone Band in a set of 2 can be used for anything, hot or cold.


Duraceram 3 Cup Teapot

Duraceram White 3 cup Teapot

Strong, solid and dependable. This clean uncluttered teapot is perfect for domestic or commercial use.


Bodum Bistro Tea Egg Infuser (glass not included)

Bodum Bistro Tea Egg

The BODUM® Bistro Tea Egg infuser is not only super easy to use but it's just as easy to keep clean. This is the perfect way to enjoy tea brewed from tea leaves.


Bodum Columbia Plunger 8 Cup

Bodum Columbia French Press

Stunning elegance and perfect function makes this the ideal plunger for Home or Office.