Coffee Beans

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3kg Tin

Caffe Molinari Cinque Stelle Coffee Beans

Five Star Caffe Molinari Coffee Beans

From $11.50

Caffe Molinari Rosa Coffee Beans 1kg

Caffe Molinari Rosa Coffee Beans

This blend is the perfect mix combining milk notes and a delicate body. This is a unique product with a lighter roast than our other Caffe Molinari blends.

From $11.00

Caffe Molinari Organic Fairtrade Bio Beans 1kg

Caffe Molinari Bio Organic Fairtrade Beans

A classic Fairtrade Organic coffee that has a distinct taste. It is 100% Arabica, so you won't be compromising on taste. Now available in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags, ground to your preferred coarseness.

From $11.50

Caffe Molinari Decaf Beans 500g

Caffe Molinari Decaf Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated coffee beans for those wanting great taste without the caffeine.

From $12.50

Caffe Molinari Oro 1kg Coffee Beans

Caffe Molinari Oro Coffee Beans

A perfect mixture of the best coffees gives this blend an unmistakable body, creaminess and aroma, for those who are used to the best.

From $10.75

Caffe Molinari Rosso 1kg Coffee Beans

Caffe Molinari Rosso Coffee Beans

In Caffe' Molinari tradition, Rosso is a careful selection of Arabica and Robusta beans; a coffee for those who like a strong taste and dark rich crema.

From $10.25